Episode 3879

Australian Air Date: 20th January 2005

The discovery of a dead body rocks Summer Bay. Is Hayley finally ready to love again? Josie struggles under the weight of her feelings for Marc.

> “The Stalker” is seen for a second time spying on Henry and Matilda in the bush (although it is possible that it is Eric Dalby). It cannot be Jesse and Josie as they are working the day shift at Noah’s Bar before Alf pops in. It is unlikely to be Alf as he is seen escorting Jesse to the fire-scene very shortly after Henry and Matilda are spied on.

Extended Summary

Kim offers to cook dinner for everyone at the Beach House in gratitude for letting him move in. He makes it clear that he doesn’t want to be around Robbie and doesn’t think Tasha should either. At the Hunter House Beth is concerned about the fight and the fact that Kim felt compelled to leave. She doesn’t understand what’s happening to her son.

Matilda and Henry tell the family they want to go into the bush and help some of the animals that were hurt during the bushfires. The others are a bit suspicious – this all sounds far too altruistic for Matilda and Henry. (And they’re right!) The cunning pair actually hope they’ll be able to find an animal to bring home as a pet. But instead of finding a cute, cuddly little animal, they actually find a not-so-cute dead human body – burned beyond recognition. They run for help. And when they return with Jesse and Alf they find someone standing over the body. It’s Marc. Apparently he was out for a walk and stumbled over the body.

Hayley drops by the gym to see Scott. He tells her it’s going to be weeks before the owner decides if they’re going to re-build the Palace. She invites him over to the Beach House for Kim’s dinner. It turns out that it’s only the three of them at dinner that night. Kim tells the others his life is a mess at the moment – Kit dumped him; he’s fighting with Robbie… Scott and Hayley do their best to cheer him up. The three get along famously and end up having a wonderful night. After looking at Scott’s photos from Paris, Hayley mentions how sad she was to lose her photos in the fire. Peter arrives. He says the investigation of the Palace fire has reached a dead end. The fire was probably caused by the fan, but there’s not enough evidence to be sure. After dinner Scott gives Hayley a kiss on the cheek. They both agree that since they’re not living together at the moment, they definitely have to catch up like this again.

Jesse and Marc trade stories over a beer at the bar. Marc explains he’s on leave from his job in the fire brigade. He saw three of his workmates get killed in a blaze, and took it pretty hard. He’s traveling around Australia sorting himself out. When he heard about the fires in the area, he decided to come to the Bay and help with the clean up. It’s clear that Marc and Jesse have quickly bonded as mates. Meanwhile, Josie (who is working at the bar) is secretly rattled that Marc is now back in her life.

Irene and Hayley are sitting outside, staring up at the stars. Hayley really enjoyed having a laugh with her friends. She really thinks she’s moving on. Irene tells her that somewhere out there is a wonderful guy just waiting to sweep her off her feet. Meanwhile, Scott is walking home, gazing up at the very same stars. Are Scott and Hayley destined to be together?

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