Episode 3880

Australian Air Date: 21st January 2005

The passion between Josie and Marc continues to ignite. Kane’s day of reckoning arrives. Scott has a special surprise for Hayley.

First episode. Chatty inane nurse who had just commenced her employment at Northern Districts Hospital. Was secretly Sarah Lewis’ former carer who had developed a relationship with her and was out for revenge against Summer Bay, masquerading as ‘the Stalker’.
Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3872. Attended Leah and Dan’s engagement party.

Extended Summary

Kane, Kirsty and Gus are finishing a lunch together at the Diner. It’s been a little awkward, but Kane is clearly making an effort. Gus offers to go with Kane to the hospital to get his test results. Kane thanks him, but says there’s no need. Gus wishes him all the luck in the world.


At the hospital, Kirsty and Kane meet new bubbly nurse Zoe McCallister, who provides a little light relief as they wait nervously for his results. He’s been through so much and desperately hopes he’s beaten the cancer. Flynn finally arrives with his results. He’s in remission! Kane and Kirsty are elated. It’s a huge relief.


That night at Leah and Dan’s engagement party, everyone’s thrilled with Kane’s news. They decide to throw a special celebration dinner for Kane next week. When Hyde arrives, he feels a little out of place. Irene soon loosens him up and they agree that they should go out for dinner again soon. Sally and Jesse are flying solo tonight – Flynn and Josie are both working. Sally’s concerned about the amount of hours Flynn is working.


At the hospital, Zoe is gibbering away at Flynn. She’s thrilled to be working at the hospital and can’t wait to move to Summer Bay. Flynn’s tired from all his shifts and makes an error on the chart. Zoe spots it in time and asks if everything is ok with him. He covers and says yes.

Peter arrives at the party with news on the body found in the bush. It’s female, but the body hasn’t been identified yet. The firebug may now be looking at a manslaughter charge. Peter and Dan finally break through their awkwardness and start to talk. Peter surprises everyone by making the toast to the happy couple. It means a lot to Dan.

Kane’s not as ecstatic tonight as Kirsty expected him to be. He explains he’s realised that he’s probably taken out a lot of his stress recently on the people around him. He slips out of the party to find Gus and invites him to his celebration dinner next week. It’s a huge step for Kane. After Kane has returned to the party, Gus gets a phone call from Greg. Gus flares and tells Greg to leave him alone. It seems Gus’ past is catching up with him and he’s clearly rattled.

Back at the party, Scott gives Hayley a special gift. It’s a photo album filled with photos he’s collected from Hayley’s friends. She’s truly touched and it brings a tear to her eye. She gives him a warm hug.

Marc drops by the bar to see Josie. He calls her on how awkward she’s been around him, but she denies it. As the night goes on, Josie starts to let her guard down a little and Marc charms her into having a drink with her after closing. Before long they’ve downed more than a few drinks and they’re laughing away like the old days. Josie opens up and says that although she really cares about Jesse, she’s feeling a little claustrophobic. Marc makes a play for her. She hesitates for a moment and then melts into his kiss.