Episode 3873

Australian Air Date: 12th January 2005

Leah’s life is on the line as Flynn faces the toughest moment of his career. Dan and Peter come to blows as past secrets are exposed. A fire breaks out at The Palace.

Twelfth appearance, last seen in Episode #3752. Tended to Leah following her surgery ordeal.
Second appearance, last seen in Episode #3753. Administered medication to Leah.
Queried Flynn’s decision to operate on a critical Leah.
Informed Flynn of the pressing operation due next in surgery.

> Peter had an affair with Dan’s ex-wife Amanda 3 years ago (after separating)

Extended Summary

With Leah going into surgery, Dan and Peter are both facing the possibility that they might lose the woman they love. Sally unintentionally lets on that Peter stalled in calling Dan when Leah was admitted to hospital. Dan is stunned and tempers flare. Sally tries to calm them as they argue viciously.


Inside the operating theatre things aren’t going much better. There are complications with the procedure and Flynn is under extreme pressure. Leah’s blood pressure is dropping fast. She’s critical.


At the Palace, Scott, Hayley, Kirsty and Kane are enjoying dinner together. Hayley’s glad to have Scott home. Kane’s apprehensive – he has tests tomorrow to see if he’s beaten his cancer. Everyone is still struggling with the sweltering temperature. Hayley’s set up a potable fan, but the old thing is not providing much relief. Her hands are so swollen from the heat that she can’t get her rings back on.

Flynn manages to remove the Leah’s appendix just in time. She pulls through, but her temperature’s still high and causing some concern. Later Flynn confesses to Sally that the operation was the toughest moment of his career. He’s also worried about the repercussions from the hospital board – operating on his friend was totally unethical. Sally reminds him that he had no choice – Leah’s alive because of what he did.

Dan has calmed down a little and fills Peter in on Leah’s condition. Dan reminds Peter that he has interfered in Dan’s love life before. Peter totally betrayed him with Amanda and Dan wants his assurance that he won’t try anything with Leah. Peter promises, and Dan leaves. Peter’s reeling from the stress of almost losing Leah and the confrontation with his brother. He’s emotionally lost and doesn’t know where to turn. Later, when Dan returns home he discovers that Peter has moved out. He’s left a note apologizing for the trouble he’s caused. Dan also discovers that his divorce has finally come through. When he returns to the hospital he asks Leah a very special question – “Will you marry me?” Leah is elated and accepts. They’re engaged!


In the living room of the Palace the fan has been left on and with the heat that is generated on the wooden shelving the fan has caught on fire. The flames are spreading fast. Scott has already left for work, but Hayley is asleep upstairs – trapped!

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