Episode 3872

Australian Air Date: 11th January 2005

Will Leah be found before it’s too late? Flynn makes a life altering decision. Robbie’s strange behaviour puzzles everyone. Scott returns from Paris a new man. Kim is heartbroken by Kit’s news.

Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3864. Consoled a forlorn Kim on the beach after hearing of Kit’s news.
Fifth appearance, last seen in Episode #3756. Assisted with Leah’s admittance to hospital.
First appearance. Emergency doctor who admitted Leah into hospital with a ruptured appendix.
Appeared in a dream sequence of Robbie’s trying to revive him from death.

> Kit has decided to stay in Europe working with a tour bus company.

Extended Summary

Nobody’s heard from Leah and Peter is getting worried. He heads out looking for her and discovers her slumped over in her car – she’s feverish, vomiting and in incredible pain. He rushes her to hospital but chooses not to let Dan know what’s happening. Peter wants to be the one there for her.


Later Flynn finds out what’s happened and returns early from his camping trip to look after Leah. Peter is heartbroken when he sees how soothed Leah is when Dan finally arrives.

Kim, Tasha and Robbie are packing up camp and getting ready for the trip home. Robbie still hasn’t told anyone about treading on the syringe. They discover someone has stolen some of their stuff from the car (including Kim’s wallet.) Tasha spots a syringe on the ground. Kim thinks they were probably robbed by a druggy trying to support his habit.

Scott arrives home from Paris. He’s got a whole new outlook on life and is free of his bitterness regarding Dani. No more Mr Mopey! He’s had a wonderful time, but he’s glad to be home. But where’s Kit? When Kim and the others arrive home Scott breaks the news to him – Kit has stayed in Paris. She scored a great job with a tour group and is staying on for 6 months. He gives Kim a letter she wrote for him. Kim’s tries to brush it off, but underneath he’s deeply disappointed. When alone, he reads the letter. It explains that Kit felt she needed to learn more about the world and herself. She doesn’t feel now is the right time for her to be in a relationship. Kim’s heartbroken. Eventually he opens up to his father. Kim tells Hyde he’s longing to be in a relationship – he really thinks he’s ready. Hyde reassures him he’ll find the right person. It’s just a matter of time.

Robbie’s very withdrawn. It’s obvious to the family that something’s wrong, but he refuses to open up – he’s just defensive and snappy. He then researches needle stick injuries on the internet. Later on he has a nightmare in which he dies. He’s incredibly scared, but why doesn’t he seek help?


Dan and Peter are concerned that Leah doesn’t seem to be responding to treatment. Flynn discovers the real problem is her appendix – it could be dangerously inflamed and at risk of bursting. She needs to be operated on as soon as possible but the other surgeons are tied up with critical burns patients. Flynn is a friend, so it would be unethical for him to operate. Besides, he hasn’t operated in years. Leah’s condition reaches critical and Flynn makes a tough call – he’s going to do the operation himself! But will she survive?

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