Episode 3871

Australian Air Date: 10th January 2005

As a heatwave strikes the Bay, a shock accident leaves a life on the line. Tasha, Robbie and Kim’s road trip takes a devastating turn. Dan and Jesse are at loggerheads.

> This episode takes place six weeks after Episode #3870.
> “The Stalker” is seen for the first time spying on Tasha, Robbie and Kim in the bush (although it is possible that it is Eric Dalby). It cannot be Irene, Colleen and Leah as they are working the day-shift at the diner, and it cannot be Jesse, Flynn and Dan as they are out in the bush rock climbing together (although Jesse leaves for a period of time to collect some dropped equipment…).

Extended Summary

Six weeks have passed and the residents of Summer Bay are in the middle of a heatwave. To make matters worse, a bushfire has broken out on the other side of Yabbie Creek. Alf’s back in town after searching in the city for Dalby. His grandson’s been missing for almost two months now and Alf is losing hope. He feels like he’s failed yet another family member. Meanwhile, Morag’s staying in the city for a few more weeks on business.

Kim, Robbie and Tasha set off on a road trip in Kim’s new car. Hyde gave it to him for his 18th birthday last week. It’s a total bomb, but Kim is stoked with it. They make camp in the middle of the bush by a lake and have a wonderful time hanging out and swimming. Kim admits he can’t stop thinking about Kit. She’s due home tomorrow and he’s excited that they’ll finally get to spend some time together. The trio are having an amazing time and Tasha feels like they’re the only people in the world. Little does she know that someone is watching them from the bushes. But who is it?

The Diner is in chaos – the fridge is stuffed, the air-conditioning on the fritz and Leah’s feeling sick. What else could go wrong?!

Flynn’s camping trip is not going as planned. It was meant to be the perfect boys’ weekend away with Jesse – camping, abseiling and beer. But Flynn’s also invited Dan along, and Jesse’s not a happy camper! Jesse and Dan are constantly bickering. Dan finally calls Jesse on his attitude – he thinks he’s had a chip on his shoulder ever since they met! Jesse’s about to have a go at him when Flynn breaks them up. Wasn’t this meant to be a fun weekend? Their squabbling almost results in an abseiling accident. In the aftermath, Jesse finally opens up and explains his behaviour. He was rattled by how easily Leah fell for Dan – it made him feel like a loser; a failure. Jesse admits he’s been a tosser and he and Dan finally start to mend their relationship bridges.

Robbie does a nudie run through the bush on a dare and Tasha and Kim are in hysterics. But when Robbie treads on used syringe his heart sinks. He doesn’t tell the others what’s happened and he becomes very withdrawn. Inside, he is terrified of the implications.


Peter is still living with Leah and it’s not been easy. Dan has now moved in as well (after all, he was spending all his time over there anyway!) Leah’s convinced Peter’s feelings for her are gone, but she’s wrong. His feelings are still very much alive and they’re tearing him apart. Seeing how much Leah loves Dan is breaking his heart.

Leah is feeling worse as she sets off for Stella’s house to collect VJ. She’s hit by a sudden pain and loses control of the car. Leah veers off the road and down an embankment and loses consciousness. Will someone find her in time?