Episode 3074

Australian Air Date: 21st June 2001

Kane faces up to his actions. Duncan continues his deceitful ways. Kirsty is pursued by the new boy in town.

First episode. Anna’s son who visited the Bay during her search for Donald. Was revealed to be Alan Fisher’s illegitimate son. Taken in by Donald after Anna’s death.
First episode. Seb’s mother who was dying from leukaemia. Took on a job as school cleaner in an attempt to find out more about Donald and his relationship with Seb’s father Alan.
Fourth appearance, last seen in #3067. Called on a strike with Brodie in protest at Kane’s presence at the school.
Joined in on Nigel and Brodie’s strike.
Joined in on Nigel and Brodie’s strike.
Final episode. Left Summer Bay High.

Extended Summary

Two strangers have arrived in Summer Bay: Anna and Seb, and nobody knows anything about them. Anna has asked Leah if there was any work available at the Diner. Unfortunately there isn’t, so she told her Jude’s looking for someone to give him a hand. Jude was more than happy to give her the job.
Anna gave Fisher this weird look when Jude introduced her to him. Maybe she’s someone from his past – is she? Anyway, Kirsty’s feeling irked by Seb who’s following her. Everyone is trying to find out about them however, Anna and Seb are trying to keep to themselves.

Dani’s feeling a mixture of emotion – shock, bitterness and fear. She deosn’t want to return to school. Rhys and Shelley have talked about their options but say they can’t leave the Bay. A band of kids from school have rallied around Dani, placing protest signs at school and even going as far as to stop attending until Dani returns. Kane’s now feeling the heat and is cracking, telling Fisher he doesn’t need an education. Fisher came back and said he does need one if he thinks he didn’t do anything wrong. After walking out, Kane approached Dani and apologised. He then asked Fisher for a transfer to another school. Is there something else going on? Or are we just imaging it?

Meanwhile, Alf told Morag not to expect anything less than hostility from the Bay after the verdict she delivered at Dani’s trial. This doesn’t worry Morag, who obviously hasn’t changed.

Of course, Colleen’s doing everything in her power to make an ally out of Morag, and Duncan’s also sucking up to her. Being a high court judge, Morag’s very suspicious.

Duncan is up to his old tricks, driving everyone up the wall. His latest is stealing money from the till in the Diner and then placing in Colleen’s bag to make it look like she had taken it. When word gets out that it was Duncan’s fault, Duncan is going to have hell to pay.

Erin Flannery