Episode 3075

Australian Air Date: 22nd June 2001

Morag is a wakeup call to Duncan. Noah fears that he will lose Hayley forever. Mystery surrounds Seb’s arrival in the Bay.

First appearance. Noah’s alcoholism counsellor who met with Jude and Irene at one of Noah’s sessions.
Schoolboy whose chatting to Hayley made Noah jealous.

Extended Summary

Colleen’s been caught stealing money from the Diner. Colleen is swearing on he life that she didn’t do it. And Duncan is not letting anyone know that he did. Alf doesn’t believe her and Morag smells something fishy. Morag knows that Duncan knows a lot more than he’s letting on, and she’s told Alf what she thinks. He’s had a go at her, saying Duncan wouldn’t set up Colleen. Nick knows Duncan did it, and has gone to tell Alf. Lets hope that Alf believes him.
Noah has finally agreed to let Jude and Irene meet his counsellor. Jude’s concerned his ‘controlled’ habit isn’t doing Noah any good, and Irene wants to know who’s telling him this rubbish. The counsellor told Irene the solution that worked for her might not work with Noah, and this is the best way to do things. Noah’s is also having a hard time after seeing Hayley talking to another guy. He’s admitted to Jude she’s been the best thing for him and he doesn’t want to lose her. Lets hope this revelation will help him get over his habit fast, or he will lose her.

Kirsty’s suspicious about Seb and his mother, Anna. He’s asked Jude for an advance on Anna’s pay, and Leah threw in a few extras when he bought some food at the diner. Seb is now enrolled at school and is doing all he can to get close to Kirsty. He followed her home and told her he lives at the caravan park, not realising Rhys and Shelley own it. When Kirsty found out nobody new has registered, she confronted him. Seb wouldn’t let her into the van, making her think he’s hiding something.

What are they hiding?

Erin Flannery