Episode 3869

Australian Air Date: 25th November 2004

Devastation for Sally as a tragedy puts the christening at risk. Peter refuses to back down on his love for Leah. A Summer Bay favourite returns.

Return episode, last seen in Episode #3557. Visited the Bay to be baby Pippa’s God-father at her christening.

> Pippa is unable to attend the christening due to a sudden plane strike. She is still living with Ian.
> Lance is only staying for the christening, however surprises Colleen with a ticket for her to Queensland to be with him and the family over Christmas.

Extended Summary

It’s the day before Pippa’s christening and Sally thinks things are going a little too perfectly. After all, events in Summer Bay have a history of going pear-shaped. Her pessimism is born out when Robbie and Tasha withdraw. Tasha needs respite after her bruising encounter with her father, so she and Robbie are going to visit Dylan. Josie treats her and Robbie to a personal opening of their own.

Sally invites Colleen over for dinner to reveal baby Pippa’s mysterious godfather. Colleen thinks it’s Donald, but is ecstatic when she finds out it’s actually going to be her son! Big Lance is back in town and he’s got another surprise for Colleen – a plane ticket to visit him and his family for a week at Christmas. Colleen is understandably overcome with happiness at the double-barrelled treat.

Peter’s finally left hospital and is staying at Leah’s house. Dan doesn’t like the thought of his brother being in the same house as Leah, when he’s so obviously infatuated with her. But Leah won’t buckle. Not only does Peter need looking after, but once he sees how strong Dan and Leah are, he’ll snap out of his delusion. But Peter’s not so sure about this. He stays up all night, trying to figure out where he fits in Leah’s life. And in the morning he lets it all out. He can’t deny his feelings of love for her. He’ll understand if she wants him to leave, but for the first time in a long time, he’s going to be honest. Leah won’t hear of it. They’re going to get through this together.

A second disaster for Sally and Flynn when they discover that a baggage handlers strike has stopped Pippa from flying in for the christening. Sally thinks bad news comes in threes – what’s next? The strike also means possible disaster for the Bar opening. Will Paulini be affected?

Dan and Peter have a long and intense chat about Peter’s revelation to Leah. Dan wants assurance that if Peter stays, it’s not going to cause problems down the line. Peter gives him his word. But he’s going to need Dan’s help to get himself back together – physically and mentally. Dan shakes on it. The brotherly bond is slowly returning.

Sally and Flynn think they’ve found their third disaster of the day when the news comes that a big new medical centre will be opened in Yabbie Creek. This means Flynn’s private surgery is redundant and he’ll need to start taking on extra shifts at the hospital. But Colleen’s cries indicate that maybe the bad news isn’t over. An electrical fault has sent the church up in flames! A christening without a church? The whole day is now in grave doubt.

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