Episode 2913

Australian Air Date: 6th September 2000
Writer: Leon Saunders
Director: Jonathan Geraghty

A knight in shining armour comes to Hayley’s rescue. Brodie threatens to quit school. Can Joel and Judith reconcile their differences? Vinnie and Leah make an unexpected discovery about Stefan.

First episode. Jill’s youngest son. Jude’s younger brother. New local boy who rescued Hayley from a bunch of thugs at a Yabbie Creek nightclub.
Thug nemesis of Noah’s. Tried to run Hayley down.
Bouncer at the nightclub Hayley tried to enter.
Dean’s mate who urged his bagging of Hayley.
Stefan’s gay boyfriend, to Vinnie’s surprise.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Joel and Judith are still arguing about having a baby. Joel doesn’t believe that a child should grow up with un-wedded parents.
Vinnie is jealous of the time that Leah is spending with her new boss Stefan. It turns out that Stefan is gay, so now Vinnie doesn’t have to be jealous. Also, Leah is going to work at the Diner again as Stefan’s boyfriend is going to be their chef again (at the restaurant).

Brodie’s schoolwork is really bad. It was suggested by Judith that she repeat the grade she is in but she said that she would rather leave school than have to repeat. They are working on a way around it for her.

Hayley got all dressed up and went to a sleazy nightclub. She met up with a few guys who were not impressed when she ran away from them. They followed her outside the nightclub and started to chase her when a guy got her to hop on his bike and he took her away. Irene was spewing when she got home but Hayley refused to talk to her.

Later in the day in the diner, the guys from the nightclub came after Hayley. When one of them grabbed her by the arm, Joel intervened, threw him on the table and told him to leave. Judith witnessed this and told Joel that he was too harsh and that there are better ways of dealing with things than that. Joel said “Are you serious…did you see what he did to Hayley?”…

Caterpillar, 2000