Will refuses to take any nonsense from Dani. Has Hayley lost all her friends? Shauna is under suspicion for murder.

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Gypsy is being tormented. Gavin and Shauna begin to suspect each other. Rhys is finding it hard not to listen to town gossip. Vinnie thinks that Leah’s new boss is a sleaze.


Is Vinnie at risk of losing Leah? Shauna looks guiltier than ever. Hayley defies Will and Irene. Alf protects Duncan from the town’s vicious gossip.


A knight in shining armour comes to Hayley’s rescue. Brodie threatens to quit school. Can Joel and Judith reconcile their differences? Vinnie and Leah make an unexpected discovery about Stefan.

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Dani tells off an astounded Fisher. The campaign of terror against Gypsy continues. Is there a new romance on the horizon for Hayley? Things take a turn for the worst with Joel and Judith.

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Sally’s reputation is dragged through the dirt. The truth about Alicia’s death is revealed. Fisher stands up for Judith.

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Harry gets caught in a compromising position with another woman. Nick is haunted by his father’s death. Duncan is convinced he killed Alicia.

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Can Gypsy trust Harry? Dani threatens to end her relationship with Will. Shauna challenges Duncan to face Summer Bay.

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Harry plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Gypsy warns Dani that she risks losing Will. Hayley continues to torment Noah. Wild weather hits Summer Bay.

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Kirsty wonders if her father would have preferred a son. Hayley decides to teach Noah a lesson. Dani begins to doubt Will’s feelings for her.

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Gypsy comes face to face with her tormentor. Bad weather threatens the lives of the inhabitants of Summer Bay. Noah and Hayley take their first step towards a relationship.

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