Will lets go of his feelings of guilt. Irene makes a drastic decision about her wedding ring. Kirsty thinks that something is going on between Jade and Nick.

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Will makes a decision about his future. Harry and Shauna come to realise their relationship is finally over. Hayley and Irene experience a touch of magic.

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Gavin is persistent with Shauna. Gypsy tells Joel he’s a hypocrite. Judith finds it difficult to cope after the robbery. Colleen gives Leah advice on relationships.


Vinnie tries to be a hero and gets called a pervert instead. Duncan offers Kirsty some simple words of wisdom. Judith and Joel take a bold step.

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Joel and Judith have to deal with town gossip. Will takes his fatherly duties too far. Alf inadvertently brings Shauna and Gavin closer together.

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Brodie returns to Summer Bay. Vinnie gets his big break. Harry and Gypsy are the talk of the town. Gavin confesses his feelings for Shauna.

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Shauna tries to resist her attraction to Gavin. Vinnie jeopardises Brodie’s safety. The Stewart and Sutherland family outing doesn’t go according to plan.

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Will continues to play dad, much to the chagrin of Nick and Hayley. Joel and Judith’s relationship suffers more teething problems. The new surf club kiosk is officially opened. Brodie’s life changes for the better.

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Harry and Gypsy finally get what they want – but at a price. Will realises he’s been too tough on Nick. Joel and Judith start anew.

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Will finally asks Dani out on a date. Hayley does her best to keep Mitch and Brodie apart. Harry and Gypsy try to deal with their new living arrangement.

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The twins share an uncanny connection. Gypsy and Harry finally reveal their true feelings for each other. Shauna tries to resist Gavin’s charm.

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Sam returns to the Bay a new man. Shauna and Gavin’s romantic evening is cut short. Gypsy packs her bags for the city – but will Harry let her go?

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Leah is involved in a life threatening accident. Alf is outraged to learn of Gavin and Shauna’s affair. Will tries to make amends with Dani.

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Dani and Will share their first kiss. Sam shows his sleazy side. Vinnie is in a panic over Leah’s injury.

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Is Hayley going off the rails? The pressure of leading a double life is getting too much for Shauna. Everywhere Leah turns she finds reminders of her needle-stick.


Vinnie makes a shock announcement to Leah. Shauna decides the fate of her relationship with Gavin. Gypsy worries that Harry might be on the rebound.

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Leah’s response to Vinnie’s marriage proposal is not what he expected. Gypsy and Harry’s age gap causes difficulties. Sally interferes in Mitch and Brodie’s relationship.

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Brodie makes a fool of herself in front of the entire school. Joel helps Gypsy with her relationship problems. Has Hayley taken things too far with Sam?

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Can Hayley be persuaded to return home. Brodie is scared that she’s ruining things with Mitch. The kids set Fisher up for public humiliation.

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How much more can Gypsy take? Vinnie worries he’s got serious competition for Leah. Joel and Judith question their future together.

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