Joel asks Natalie if he can move back in. Duncan turns against his Aunt Celia. Vinnie suspects Gilly is taking Tom for a ride.


Is Edward showing signs of Huntington’s Disease? Natalie and Joel attempt to reconcile. Tom can’t forgive either his mum or his sister. Sam admits the pressure’s on.


Is Edward showing signs of Huntington’s Disease? Natalie and Joel attempt to reconcile. Tom can’t forgive either his mum or his sister. Sam admits the pressure’s on.


Duncan and Nick break into the surf club. Edward practices for when he has Huntington’s. Alf faces bankruptcy. Harry presents Shauna with an engagement ring.


Edward reveals that beneath the mask of confidence, he’s scared. Celia and Duncan strike a deal. Alf receives a cheque from an anonymous benefactor, for damages to the surf club. Shauna and Harry’s differences are irreconcilable, and she moves into the spare room.


Ken has wedding bells on his mind. Peta refuses to let Edward walk away from her. Duncan and Nick go on a vandalising spree. Joel calls a family meeting to talk about the future.


Gypsy blames herself for her parents break-up. Irene wants a little romance and gets some. Harry makes plans to move out.


Will Irene accept Ken’s proposal, Duncan and Nick get into a brawl. Sally arrives back in Summer Bay with a surprise for everyone.


Vinnie realises just how much Sally’s changed . Tom catches his fianc̩es in a compromising situation. Edward matchmakers his mother.


Edward’s mismatching goes awry. Tom loses it over Gilly. Natalie leaves Summer Bay. Vinnie seems to holding a torch for Sal…


Gypsy finds new dignity with which to face Summer Bay… Nick’s had enough of being seen as the bad guy, and does something about it. Alf muscles in on Tom’s business. Kieran plans a surprise for Sally.


Irene realises someone is watching. Edward makes a move on Peta. Tom considers taking a journey of self-discovery.


Is Peta next on Edward’s list of experiences to try? An eccentric artist arrives in town, hiding her true identity. Gypsy tells Will she wants him to hate her.


Edward and Peta exchange vows. Kieran hustles Alf for a cheap price on the caravan park. Vinnie tells Sally she has no heart.


Sally asks Leah and Shauna if she can move in. Are Sam’s dreams of becoming a professional surfer over? Ailsa meets a ghost from the past.


Kieran’s charms begin to work on Gypsy. Joel hints that he may move in with Vinnie. Shauna agrees to reconsider marriage. Is Sally taking advantage of Alf?


Will Fisher retain Hayley as the illustrator of his book? Duncan and Nick teach their dads a lesson. Ailsa reveals the truth behind her association with Kate. Hayley and Mitch make a gruesome discovery.


Mitch is horrified to realise the dead girl could’ve been him. Someone is stalking Irene. Ailsa confesses a dark secret from the past.


Gypsy struggles against her attraction to Kieran. Will discovers his brother is missing. Alf opposes Mitch starting up the drop-in-centre. Irene finds herself locked in the house with an intruder.


Irene discovers the identity of her stalker. Peta and Edward present Judith with a proposition. Gypsy must decide whether to accept Kieran’s offer. Leah gives Sally a piece of good advice.

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