Gypsy finds the Good Samaritan within her heart. Ailsa must deal with childhood demons. Harry accuses his mum of filling her autobiography with fiction.

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Kirsty uncovers Nick’s vulnerability. The fate of the Drop-in-Centre hangs in the balance. Harry must confront the truth in his mother’s book.


Sally is up to her old tricks but she won’t seek medical advice. Shelley offers Gypsy a part-time job at the Drop-in-Centre. Ailsa lets go of her past.

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Colleen makes a shocking discovery about the identity of the derro. Should Sally trust Luke or is he in cahoots with Kieran? Dani is mortified when Will overhears her singing.

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Dani has gotten under Will’s skin. Colleen is dogged by her estranged husband. A lonely Joel may have ruined his chances with Judith. Will Sally accept Luke’s offer of help?

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Fisher receives some good news. Shauna and Leah set a test for Vinnie. Joel and Judith are tight-lipped about their relationship.

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Vinnie surprises Leah. Nick tries to impress Kirsty, with disastrous results. Luke makes progress with Sally’s condition.

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Peta reveals that she’s having doubts about the trip with Edward. Kirsty’s in denial about her feelings for Nick. Have Sally and Luke jeopardised Sally’s condition by getting involved?


Kirsty and Nick unite to get revenge on Tasha. Colleen may finally have gotten what she wished for. Will and Dani experience another obstacle to their friendship.

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Peta and Edward bid their sad farewell to Summer Bay. Colleen finally softens towards Les. Judith seeks comfort in Joel.

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Will is being punished by Dani. Is Colleen in love? Rhys suspects he’s bought a dodgy business and accuses Joel of taking him for a ride.

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Dani and Will state their contempt for each other. Irene is beginning to get a bad feeling about the wedding. Are Harry and Shauna at the end of the road?

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The Drop-In-Centre is officially opened. Are Les and Colleen going to walk up the aisle again? Dani resents her mother for putting career before family.

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Shelley takes pity on a girl looking for shelter. Alf disgraces the Stewart name. Harry makes a shock announcement to Fisher. Gypsy gives her father an ultimatum.

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Shauna and Harry ruin any chances of future reconciliation. Will is concerned that Tasha might be pushing herself too hard. Harry is sick of being ordered around.

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Gypsy makes a drastic decision. Ken decides to spoil Irene. Alf’s bodgie repairs on the caravans have repercussions for everyone.

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Judith and Joel strengthen their relationship. Rhys finds a solution to his family problems. Hayley is fed up with Mitch’s preoccupation with the Drop-In-Centre. Fisher is on the edge.

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Dani tries to deny her feelings for Will. Tasha’s injury gets worse. Alf sees the error of his ways. Les shows his true colours.

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Leah’s birthday celebration turns into a risqu̩ affair. Will becomes a victim of the rumour mill, and Dani’s scorn. Ken and Nick bond as father and son.


A tragedy rocks the Smith family. Leah recovers from her birthday performance. Gypsy reconciles with Joel.

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