Episode 2875

Australian Air Date: 14th July 2000
UK Air Date: 31st August 2001
Writer: Fiona Bozic
Director: Louise Leitch

Peta and Edward bid their sad farewell to Summer Bay. Colleen finally softens towards Les. Judith seeks comfort in Joel.

Extended Summary

Peta and Edward bid a tearful farewell to Summer Bay as they leave to travel the world.

Colleen spent the night in the rain looking for Les as she was worried about him but he ended up staying at Irene’s on the couch. She caught up with him later and said that he could stay temporarily and that he was to stay in the spare room!

Peta and Ed had their farewell party with tears all around. Fisher said a good speech but all Judith and Joel were doing was making eyes at each other! After Fisher dropped Peta and Ed off at the airport, he asked Judith to meet him at the diner but instead she went around to Joel’s. Fisher was left at the diner all by himself (pretty sad) while Judith was kissing Joel at his house!

Guest Cast



Arrivals and Departures

Peta Janossi (Aleetza Wood)
Final episode. Left the Bay to travel around Europe with Edward.

Edward Dunglass (Stephen James King)
Final episode. Left the Bay to travel around Europe with Peta.