Justine spends the night with Tom…Has Gypsy lost her memory? Joel blames Justine and Peta for Gypsy’s accident. Juliet worries that James is having second thoughts about going overseas with her. Will’s gone off the rails over Gypsy.


Nat reveals to Judith that she had an affair with Glen and is pregnant with his child. Joel arrests Will for dangerous driving and confiscates the motorbike. Gypsy admits to Joel that she blackmailed Peta and Justine into covering for her. Leah’s ecstatic to learn that Vinnie likes her. Colleen finds a friend in Leah.


Duncan tricks Shauna into a kissing him. Will goads Judith into suspending him from school. Before leaving Summer Bay, James admits that he’s not in love with Juliet…Fisher refuses to coddle Edward and gives him a failing grade.


Embarrassed after trying to kiss Shauna, Duncan swims into the surf and disappears! Judith tells Edward she’s sending him away to a private school. Shauna’s suspended from her duties as lifeguard after Duncan goes missing. Leah tells Vinnie that she has to move out – because she really likes him…


Leah breaks the bad news to Tom – she’s seeing Vinnie. Mitch refuses to give up the search for Duncan. Justine leaves Summer Bay. Gypsy warns Glen to stay away from her mother.


Ken thinks that Mitch is after one thing from Hayley…Duncan’s found – alive and well on the Blaxland. Gypsy knows her mum had an affair.


Peta tries to get romantic with Edward and he runs a mile. Ken drives Mitch out of the house. Gypsy agrees to keep Nat’s affair a secret, but vows never to forgive her. Gypsy is shunned by all her old friends.


Edward and Peta both admit they aren’t ready to get intimate. Sam feels like he’ll never meet Fisher’s academic expectations. Hayley throws down the gauntlet to Ken – she’s spending the night alone with Mitch.


Duncan threatens to run away if Ailsa makes him apologise to Shauna. A traveller catches Tom’s eye, and moves in… – Leah’s green with jealousy over Vinnie’s new house mate.


Sam tells Fisher he wants to quit school and join the surfing tour. Tom’s found himself a romantic interest, but is she genuine? Gypsy spies Nat with Glen. Duncan makes amends with Shauna, but admits to hating Ailsa and Alf.


The Nashes fear for Gypsy’s mental health after she breaks down while confronting Nat over Glen. Meanwhile Duncan refuses to participate in the Nippers Carnival and Mitch over-reacts when Hayley takes what seems to be a simple blow to the chest.


Mitch reveals to Hayley a dark secret about his mother. Gilly, the backpacker, tells Tom they can’t fall in love… Duncan is embarrassed when Ailsa competes in a father-son race at the surf carnival.


Hayley understands Mitch’s concern and asks Irene to take her to the hospital for a check up. After Will relates that Hayley’s gone to hospital, Ken’s becomes frantic with worry. Ken soon realises that it’s a tempest in a tea cup.


Leah discovers that Vinnie has a shady past…Ken buys a sports car from the wreckers – for Irene. Gypsy goes to the garage to apologise to Will and gets a nasty surprise. Tom tries to persuade Gilly to marry him… Glen doesn’t care if Nat hates him, he wants to be part of their baby’s life.


Nat has to make a decision – will she tell Joel about the affair? Vinnie refuses to give up stripping for Leah. Will discovers why Gypsy freaked over Ken’s new car… Colleen tells Glen she knows what’s going on with Nat…


Leah’s father orders her to come home to the city. Vinnie thinks Gilly’s scamming Tom into marrying her. Hayley is annoyed that everyone’s forgotten about Nick, the youngest Smith. Joel learns that Gypsy helped to cover up Nat’s affair.


Joel demands to know if Nat had the affair with Glen so that she could fall pregnant. Ed uncovers some startling information about Mitch’s mother death. Mr Poulos offers to take Leah back into the family – if she stops seeing Vinnie. Everyone is opposed to Tom’s plan to marry Gilly.


Leah’s father offers Vinnie $50,000 to stop seeing his daughter. Mitch realises that he wasn’t responsible for his mother’s death… Nick is less than enthused about rejoining Ken’s new “family”. Ailsa is annoyed with Alf for not taking Duncan in hand.


When Mitch goes to confront his step-father, he gets a shocking surprise. Edward’s discovered his true calling – or has he? Nick is convinced that his mother is going to rejoin the Smith family. Alf makes a promise to Celia that lands him in strife with Ailsa.


Duncan calls Alf a dirty liar. Tom asks Gilly if she has any regrets about their marriage plans. Ailsa learns the secret behind Alf’s heroic rescue of Celia. Natalie collapses at the Surf Club, but Gypsy doesn’t go to her mother’s aid.

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