Episode 2868

Australian Air Date: 5th July 2000
UK Air Date: 22nd August 2001
Writer: David Mesman
Director: Leigh Spence

Sally is up to her old tricks but she won’t seek medical advice. Shelley offers Gypsy a part-time job at the Drop-in-Centre. Ailsa lets go of her past.

Extended Summary

Shelley offers Gypsy a part time job at the drop-in centre. Gypsy does not seem to be keen, particularly because of her reputation. Shelley wants someone who can do the job and she believes she can as she has good ideas and she showed care when she dealt with an old man.

Ailsa sees the next door neighbour who is delighted to see her; it has been 30 years since she last saw her. Mrs Trent fills Ailsa in on what happened to her parents: Ailsa learns that her mother has passed away; she had blood clots on her brain from the beatings and the doctors could not do much. Shauna knocks on the door, to Ailsa’s surprise. Ailsa glances around the house and Shauna sees the kitchen where the attack took place. Ailsa lets go of her past.

Vinnie is drinking from a bowl while reading in the girls’ apartment. Sally sees him and Vinnie thinks she is annoyed about his feet on the table. Sally is annoyed with him for not being clean and demands that he clean and rinse the bowl. Leah learns from Vinnie what has happened, and agrees that she needs help, but the problem is that Sally won’t admit she has a problem. She discovers that Sally has gone through five bars of soap in a week and that the pack she opened is not the one she left in the bathroom.

At the Diner, June meets Fisher who has bought a present: it is an old pen which he found in an antique shop. She is very delighted to receive it. Fisher thanks her for taking the schoolmaster out of him and showing him a more fun life.

Harry is still annoyed with his mother. She tells him he should finish off the book, which he does later. She is leaving today and is worried that he may not see him off and that they may not make their peace. Just then, he comes back and Fisher leaves. Harry apologises for his behaviour. Harry has learnt why he was sent to boarding school as he had no idea things were not good at home then. She tells him that despite his father being a drunk, she does not regret a minute spent with him; she advises him that he should not think of bad things of his father.

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Continuity error: Ailsa Stewart’s old childhood neighbour Mrs. Trent recalls her as Ailsa ‘Hogan’, even though this was from a time prior to her imprisonment – it should be ‘O’Rourke’.