Episode 2905

Australian Air Date: 25th August 2000

Can Hayley be persuaded to return home. Brodie is scared that she’s ruining things with Mitch. The kids set Fisher up for public humiliation.

Final episode. Left the Bay after taking advantage of Hayley.
Olympic swimmer playng pool in the Surf Club.
Olympic athlete who passed Alf the torch.
Brother of one of Kristy’s friends who helped Nick with his Olympic torch scam.
Sam’s surf mate who helped him pack his bags.

Extended Summary

Irene shouts at Hayley for disobeying her in school. Hayley says she is going to leave Summer Bay and go off with Sam, Irene’s response to that is “Fine by me girly, go! but take your dirty washin’ with ya!”, Will walks in can’t believe what Irene is saying.

Dani and Brody talk in a classroom – Brodie is upset about the way she acted towards Mitch in the corridor. Dani tries to explain she didn’t mean for Brodie to act the way she did, she just wanted her to stick up for herself and be cool, instead of being walked all over.

Sam approaches Don as he is warming up before a run and informs him that he is leaving for a competition on the south coast which his friend Pongo got the dates mixed up for, so he’s come to say goodbye. “Pongo is beginning to sound more like a drongo everyday” is what Don had to say.

Nick, Mitch, Jade and Kirsty talk about Brodie’s outburst in the corridor earlier and are all surprised because they thought she was just a nice quiet girl, Nick calls her a crazy chic and Mitch walks off.

Hayley comes down stairs with bags packed and ready to leave. Will tries to stop her, and tries to get Irene to stop her too but she wants nothing to do with it and couldn’t care less, Hayley says bye and goes out the door.

Brodie is worried about her temper tantrum, and seeks help with Shelley who says she must have been bottling up all of her anger. Brodie gets upset because it reminded her of her mother’s anger and she never wants to be like that.

Hayley approaches the car with her bags and Sam is surprised to see her, he says she can’t come with him, there isn’t enough room. He drives off without her.

Shelley visits Irene to inform her that Hayley is at the drop-in centre.

Nick, Kirsty and Jade finish off their plan for payback on Don.

Mitch comes to see Brodie and apologises for brushing her off and they decide to be friends again.

Hayley comes home in the middle of the night, and Irene comes down the stairs, they hug. At breakfast Hayley apologises and says she feels stupid about what happened, and regrets what she did with Sam.

Thanks to Shauna

It’s the morning of the Olympic torch run and someone comes and lights Don’s torch, he sets off, then a little while later, someone else runs by with the torch, Alf realises the one Don has must be fake, he grabs the real torch and runs after Don and gives him the real torch with the sacred flame. Don is really frustrated that all the photos of him will be of him with the wrong torch, he can’t understand why someone would do such a cruel thing to him.