Coronation Street Spoilers – Shock arrival to upturn Paul and Bernie’s lives

Next week on Coronation Street, Paul, Gemma and Bernie are confronted by a controversial figure from their past, leading Bernie to fear a long-hidden secret may surface.

What was supposed to be a small favour for a mate has massive consequences for Paul (Peter Ash), Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) and their mum Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) next week, as an unwelcome face from their past makes a reappearance in their lives.

Amy (Elle Mulvaney) has recently scored a gig on her University’s radio station, but so far hasn’t had much luck with the guests she had lined up for live interviews.


Aadi (Adam Hussain) stepped in as a last minute replacement this week, and when another guest falls through it’s down to Bernie to save the day as she volunteers Paul to talk about living with motor neurone disease.

Next week, Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) is encouraging of Paul as he helps him to dress, certain that the interview will be a success.

The only issue is getting there however, with Bernie and Paul realising that the taxi they’d booked isn’t in fact big enough for Paul’s wheelchair as requested.

With the driver being dismissive of Paul’s issues, it puts Paul in a bad mood.


At the studio, Paul talks with Amy about his experiences as an MND sufferer and the way he’s witnessed firsthand how there can often be a lack of regard for disabled people in society. But as Paul gets carried away with his impassioned speech, he accidentally lets slip an expletive live on air.


Bernie initially sets it up because she thinks it’d be a good thing for Paul, to lift his spirits up,” Peter Ash explains. “On the way to the interview he had a problem with ordering a taxi, getting a taxi that’s going to fit his wheelchair in, they send the wrong one, and then the taxi driver’s a bit of an ass. So he’s got that on his mind.

“That kind of comes out in the interview when he gets a little bit passionate, a bit heated, and he drops a swear on live radio. So he’s a little bit worried he might have kind of got Amy in trouble!


That’s the least of their worries though when, later in the week, Bernie receives an unexpected visitor outside the cafe.

The man, Denny Foreman (Danny Cunningham), explains that he heard the radio interview… and wonders why he wasn’t informed that Paul, his son, is dying!


Bernie is horrified by Denny turning up, but puts on a brave face as she boldly tells him that Paul’s interview was pre-recorded, and that their son is already dead.



Denny smells a rat though, and he later follows Bernie up to Paul and Billy’s flat. Gemma and Paul are stunned when she opens the door and their estranged father walks in.

Denny quickly remarks that Paul looks remarkably well for someone who’s apparently dead, as Bernie freezes in horror.


Despite Denny’s violent past, it would seem Paul is willing to put the past behind him.

I think had it been a couple years ago, without the MND diagnosis, he probably would have told his dad to do one,” Peter tells us. “Because he wasn’t a nice person at all. But I think Paul has a different outlook now because obviously he’s dying.

“So he gives him a chance and he goes out for a drink with his dad. They kind of get on all right, because Denny just treats him like a normal person…


Bernie and Gemma are not impressed at all,” Peter continues. “I mean, I think Paul’s probably the one that’s the most positive about his return, at the start anyway. He’s short of time, and he wants to smooth anything over he can before his time’s up, really.



Although a concerned Billy is willing to give Denny a chance as per Paul’s wishes, his stance soon changes when Paul returns from the Rovers a bit worse for wear.

Billy is really, really not impressed after he finds out that Denny took Paul to the pub, got him pissed, and has taken his neck collar off which helps support the weight of his head. And obviously Paul’s sick when they come back to the flat, so Billy’s really not happy with him.

The next day, Billy warns Paul that he shouldn’t trust Denny, given the stories Paul has previously told him about Denny beating him as a child. But it seems Paul’s mind is made up, and as he invites his dad over to watch a movie, Billy reluctantly leaves them to it.

After Denny heads out to pick up some ice-cream, leaving Paul alone in the flat, he gets distracted when he bumps into Gemma and begs her to let him meet his grandchildren. Meanwhile, alone at home, Paul begins to have a coughing fit. As he struggles to call 999, Paul drops the phone just as the operator picks up.

Denny shouldn’t really leave Paul alone, and he leaves him too long,” Peter reveals. “Paul’s having real problems breathing. After he was a bit sick the previous day, I think it’s still on his lungs and that’s what causes the coughing fit.


When Denny eventually returns to the flat, he’s shocked to find Paul barely consciouswill he be okay?


Meanwhile, over at No.7, Bernie confides in Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) that she’s worried about what Denny might reveal to the twins about her past.

When Dev later finds his troubled girlfriend rummaging through an old tin of photos and letters, he asks what she’s searching for.



What is Bernie hiding?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Coronation Street episodes:

Monday 29th April (Episode 11252/53)

Roy pushes himself to the limit in search of a memory about Lauren.

Paul’s frustration at how life is getting more difficult could land Amy in trouble.

Steve finally has some luck in love.

Leanne plans to extend the bistro.

Wednesday 1st May (Episode 11254/55)

Bernie, Billy and Gemma are confronted by a figure from their past.

Steve leads Tim into an adulterous trap.

Mary pushes Roy to re-jig his memory.

Friday 3rd May (11256/57)

Denny leaves Paul in his time of need, while Bernie hides a secret.

Adam and Alya get down to business.

Demi didn’t ghost Steve after all.

Liam Googles ways to deal with anxiety.