Coronation Street Spoilers – Roy Cropper makes breakthrough in Lauren case

Next week on Coronation Street, Roy is on the verge of a breakthrough as he tries to recall an important detail about Lauren, while Liam embarks on another dangerous path.

As Roy (David Neilson) languishes in prison after being charged with the apparent murder of missing teen Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton), he is desperately trying to recollect anything that could help clear his name.

Whilst refusing to eat or even leave his cell, Roy has been having flashbacks to conversations with Lauren, with one particular moment now standing out.


Roy remembers Lauren approaching the counter in the cafe alongside Max (Paddy Bever), but whilst he knows there is something very significant about the conversation that could hold a vital clue, he is struggling to recall exactly what it was…


Roy’s frustrated when his trip into his mind palace is interrupted by the prison guard knocking on the door, causing him to lose his train of thought.



When Nina (Mollie Gallagher) later awaits Roy in the visitors room, he is a no show. As the guard heads back to Roy’s cell to check on him, he finds Roy collapsed on the floor!


Roy is rushed to the hospital, where Mary (Patti Clare) later pays him a visit.

Roy explains how he’s been trying to remember the details of a conversation between Max and Lauren that could help his case, and Mary urges Roy not to give upshe’s sure that it will come to him eventually.

The following day, Roy has a breakthrough and finally remembers the important detail. He calls Dee-Dee from prison and tells her about Lauren’s necklace, which she was showing off in the café.

If they can trace where it’s from, they might be able to trace her mystery boyfriend.

Are they on the verge of a breakthrough, and can they track down the mystery boyfriend and clear Roy’s name before his trial…?

Meanwhile, over at Victoria Court, Maria (Samia Longchambon) and Gary (Mikey North) are becoming increasingly frustrated by the wait to get son Liam (Charlie Wrenshall) seen at a mental health clinic. Dr Gaddas had made the referral for the 14-year-old, after a relentless campaign of bulling by Mason (Luca Toolan) caused Liam to search for ways online to end his life. However she warned Maria and Gary that there was a long waiting list on the NHS.


Next week, Maria and Gary discuss whether going private would be a better option than waiting for months on end, but the problem comes in financing it.


Gary suggests that they could always sell the factory to raise the funds, but neither of them realise that Liam is listening, and is troubled by the concern he’s causing for his mum and stepdad.


In an attempt to help matters, Liam goes back online and starts researching of ways to deal with anxiety, and takes particular interest in reading up on diazepam…

Is Liam heading down another dangerous road?

Also next week, Steve (Simon Gregson) has mixed results after plunging into the world of internet dating, in his attempts to move on from wife Tracy (Kate Ford) after she left him for ex-Weathy County player Tommy Orpington (Matt Milburn).


Simon Gregson, who in December will mark 35 years of playing Steve, recently admitted that he’d be happy with whatever option Steve took in his romantic future. “I think it would be great if we see Steve having to go down the route of speed dating, online dating, maybe being single for a while,” he said.

Steve could have a full on mid life crisis, maybe we could see him losing weight, changing his appearance, going to the gym. It could be a lot of fun and also a great excuse for me to make some changes in real life with him!

Next week, having signed up to an app recommended to him by Abi (Sally Carman-Duttine), Steve’s chuffed that he’s already had three potential matches. As he shows off his potential dates to Kevin (Michael Le Vell) in the cafe, Kevin manages to put Abi offside with an offhand sexist comment.



Steve makes arrangements to meet one of the women, Carole (Gemma Wardle) in the Rovers. As he nervously waits, Carole arrives, but he finds that she’s brought three friends with her.


Steve immediately feels out of his depth, and when one of the friends, Aurora (Pippa Fulton) invites Tim (Joe Duttine) to join them, she won’t accept no for an answer.


As the group pile into one of the booths, the drinks are flowing and everyone’s having a merry time. But when Sally (Sally Dynevor) comes in to find Tim giggling like a schoolboy whilst chatting with a tipsy Aurora, she’s less than impressed!



Later in the week, with his date with Carole seemingly not having been as successful as he hoped, Steve is feeling down in the dumps and considers scrapping the app altogether. That is until he gets a message from Demi (Lisa Shingler), who he’d contacted last week but thought was ghosting him!

Steve has a good feeling as he gets ready for his second internet date, telling Amy (Elle Mulvaney) that he feels Demi could be ‘the one’.

As they meet at the Rovers, Steve and Demi immediately get on like a house on fire.


I think anyone will do, at this point in Steve’s life he’d be lucky to have anybody,” Simon added. “If she’s got a pulse and she can make a sandwich I think Steve would be happy.

Could this be the beginning of something rather beautiful…?


Long-term fans may recognise the image of Steve and Demi together. Actress and voiceover artist Lisa Shingler previously appeared on the show between August 1997 – March 1998 as estate agent Rachel Forbes, who had a short-lived relationship with none other than Steve McDonald.


Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Coronation Street episodes:

Monday 29th April (Episode 11252/53)

Roy pushes himself to the limit in search of a memory about Lauren.

Paul’s frustration at how life is getting more difficult could land Amy in trouble.

Steve finally has some luck in love.

Leanne plans to extend the bistro.

Wednesday 1st May (Episode 11254/55)

Bernie and Billy are confronted by a figure from their past.

Steve leads Tim into an adulterous trap.

Mary pushes Roy to re-jig his memory.

Friday 3rd May (11256/57)

Denny leaves Paul in his time of need, while Bernie hides a secret.

Adam and Alya get down to business.

Demi didn’t ghost Steve after all.

Liam Googles ways to deal with anxiety.