Home and Away Spoilers – Justin asks John to marry him

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Eden struggles to hide her jealousy as Stevie moves in with Cash, while Justin has a proposal for John.

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) brings a whole new meaning to ‘bringing your work home’ next week, as he moves client Stevie (Catherine Van-Davies) into his spare bedroom!

Hired as world-famous actress Stevie’s bodyguard as she faced being harassed by a stalker, Cash had initially moved Stevie from her hired yacht into a more secure suite at a city hotel. This past week has seen Stevie’s agency forward her a mystery parcel from a fan, and when Cash opened it he found an innocent looking teddy bear inside.

Stevie thought it a little creepy but harmless, yet Cash’s instincts kicked in. After performing a lobotomy on the bear, Cash discovered a covert camera hidden within.

A still image of Cash and Stevie from the device soon made its way onto an anonymous social media account, but Cash figured there was nothing visible from the camera that would have given away Stevie’s location.

In the meantime, Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) has been feeling somewhat neglected as Cash spent time ensuring Stevie’s safety (Eden, that’s called employment… give it a try some time!).

Next week, Eden and Cash are loved up and looking forward to Cash having a full three days off, whilst Eden has finally been relieved of her own duties of… well… babysitting Remi (Adam Rowland).

Cash continues to receive notifications on his phone, having set them up to receive a ping every time Stevie is tagged by a fan on social media.

Being the global superstar that she is, these tend to come frequently, so Cash isn’t too concerned as he carries Eden to his bedroom.

When he eventually does check his phone as he lays in bed with Eden, he’s concerned to find a picture of Stevie’s hotel posted on the same accountthe stalker knows where she is!

Cash immediately calls Stevie who, whilst currently being protected by other guards from Cash’s firm, is reluctant to make any decisions without Cash there. He’s the one she trusts the most, and as a result Cash tells a disappointed Eden that he’ll have to forego his time off and head back to the city to relocate Stevie to a new hotel.

Cash later pulls back into Saxon Avenue just as Eden arrives with lunch for two, but she’s taken aback when Stevie steps out of the car with him.

There’s been a little bit of a change of plans…” Cash starts to explain, as Stevie thanks Eden for letting her crash at their place.

Cash points out that Eden actually lives across the road and it’s just he and sister Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) who live there, which doesn’t boost Eden’s confidence.

Cash shows Stevie into the spare room before explaining to Eden that they’re still looking for a secure enough hotel.

Eden bemoans the fact that Cash has to bring his work home with him, but fed up of Eden’s attitude, Cash reminds her that a person’s safety is at risk and she needs to get over it.

When Eden offloads to Remi, he tells her that she’s overreacting and shouldn’t take what she and Cash have for granted.

Flick however is over the moon when she returns home to find a megastar in her living room, and they’re soon comparing notes on Cash.

When Cash finally learns that a new hotel has become available, Stevie is reluctant to leave… can’t she stay here instead? She feels safe and is enjoying the company.

Cash tells Stevie she’s welcome to stay as long as she can cope with his squabbling with Flick, but how will Eden react?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) can’t seem to find any common ground as they attempt to organise their wedding.

The couple have decided to get married in only a few weeks’ time, but are yet to finalise any of the details (good job things such as a venue don’t take much planning).

John (Shane Withington) had hoped to help matters by offering his services as a celebrant, enrolling on a course to get the appropriate qualification in anticipation.

He roped in Xander (Luke Van Os) and Dana (Ally Harris) to film a mock ceremony, but after Irene (Lynne McGranger) spilled the beans to Leah and Justin, they eventually opted to turn John down.

Next week, Leah and Justin discuss their transport, the first dance and their vows, but the pair just can’t seem to agree on each other’s suggestions.

Leah originally stated that, after four weddings (and six engagements), she’d like a quiet do, whilst Justin pointed out that this will be his first and hopefully only ceremony and he’d like to make a fuss. We agree, why sacrifice his day because Leah’s had more rings than the diner’s burger phone?

With the couple getting nowhere quickly, John rushes into the diner with tremendous news. He’s passed his assignment with a high distinction, and is one step closer to being fully qualified.

Leah makes a hasty exit as John pulls out his phone to show them the video of his mock ceremony, and a pleasantly surprised Justin has to admit that he’s a natural.

John takes that as a hint that Justin may change his mind, but when John later calls round to find Justin and Leah in the middle of an argument about the wedding planning, it’s the worst possible timing.

As he asks if they’ve reconsidered, Justin snaps that he should stop hassling them, and that they don’t want him to marry them.

Leah tries to apologise for Justin’s outburst, but a cut up John is already making his way out.

As he skulks into the diner and sits alone watching the video back, Irene (Lynne McGranger) and Marilyn (Emily Symons) feel bad for him. Maz sits with John, and even manages to pay him a compliment on his gift as a celebrant, before offering to watch the entire video with him.

The next day, Justin apologises to John and hopes it hasn’t put him off finishing his course.

John isn’t so sure though, feeling the shine has gone off it somewhat, and comments that it wasn’t so much about the qualification, but being able to do something for his good friends.

Meanwhile, Leah and Justin continue to disagree over every detail, and Leah even knocks back Marilyn’s offer of organising a wedding cake, saying she’d do a better job of baking it herself.

After Leah has another bust up with Justin over her attempt to micro-manage everything, Irene and Marilyn point out to Leah that he has a pointshe has been getting very intense.

Leah’s mortified to realise that they’re correct, and puts things right with Justin by relinquishing all control of the wedding to him. In fact, all she wants to know is where she has to turn up on the dayhe can surprise her!

Justin’s excited, and he knows he already has one decision firmly made. Rushing to find John, Justin puts forward a proposal to him…

Will you marry me?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 13th May (Episode 8226)

Valerie spins more lies. Theo calls for help. Tane faces the consequences.

Tuesday 14th May (Episode 8227)

Has Theo lost Valerie? Rose lays down the law. Tane and Roo push back.

Wednesday 15th May (Episode 8228)

Stevie’s stalker is back. Cash crosses a boundary. Justin and Leah have a change of heart.

Thursday 16th May (Episode 8229)

Stevie presses Eden’s buttons. Xander’s fundraiser faces a hurdle. Remi’s in for a rude shock.

Friday 17th May (Episode 8230)

Bree causes a scene. Eden gets suspicious. Levi cuts it close.