5 Coronation Street Spoilers for Next Week – 13th to 17th May

Next week on Coronation Street, George tries to mend his rift with Glenda, Nathan is subject to a vicious attack as Bethany tries to link him to Lauren’s disappearance, and Bernie reveals all to Dev.

1) Bernie’s secret is revealed

The unwelcome reappearance of ex-partner Denny Foreman (Danny Cunningham) shook Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) to the core recently, and it soon became apparent that there was more to their history than meets the eye.


The father of twins Paul (Peter Ash) and Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell)or Apollo and Gemini to give them their full namesDenny had heard of a recent interview that Paul had given on Amy Barlow’s (Elle Mulvaney) student radio show, where he explained his experience of living with motor neurone disease.

Denny soon turned up in Weatherfield and tracked down Bernie, asking for an explanation as to why he wasn’t told his son was dying.

Bernie was desperate to keep Denny away from the twins, going so far as to claim that Paul had already died and the interview was pre-recorded. But when Denny subsequently followed Bernie to Paul’s flat and found the twins there, the lie was exposed.


Bernie tried to warn Denny off, but he reminded her that he had something on her that she certainly wouldn’t want getting out.

Despite the beatings he used to endure at the hands of Denny as a child, Paul’s prognosis meant that he was willing to give his dad another chance. But after a drinking session at the Rovers led to Paul being rushed to hospital, Denny’s true colours were shown when he tried to steal Paul’s electric wheelchair to make a few quid.



Denny’s appearance had rattled the skeletons in Bernie’s closet though, and as she looked through some old letters and photographs, she asked partner Dev (Jimmy Harkishin) how he felt about not seeing his other children.

Denny turning up and raking up things from the past, and also the fact that Paul is terminally ill, has brought back so many things that she just doesn’t want to think about,” Jane Hazlegrove tells us.

Next week, after realising that Bernie has been lying about her whereabouts, Gemma asks Dev if he could do some digging to find out what’s going on. But when he confronts Bernie, she finally admits a dark secret that she’s been keeping all these years… she has another son, Zodiac (Zac for short) who had been taken into care and adopted out.


Bernie goes on to explain that she had already had the twins when she fell pregnant to a drunken one night stand after splitting with the bullying, controlling Denny.

She thought she was going to be able to cope once the baby arrived but she already had the twins, Denny [was] no longer around, and she had got no one,” Jane explains. “She was really really struggling but also still quite selfish I think.

“There’s a certain selflessness with doing what she did thinking that this child would be better off with people who could give him a better life as well. But she still feels everyone would judge her.

All that Bernie knows of her son is that his name was changed to Christopher Green after the adoption, but despite the potential of it being a needle in a haystack, she is determined to try and track him down.


I mean, it’s sort of typical Bernie, isn’t it?” Jane admits. “Let’s just go knock on the door of everyone who’s called Christopher Green of around the right age. But it is something she really has to do and nothing is going to stop her now.

Bernie begins her search, but after reaching what appear to be dead ends, Bernie tells Dev that there’s one last Christopher Green on her list of likely candidates.


Bernie’s heartbroken when she finds that this particular Christopher Green has died of cancer, and feeling that she’s lost the chance of reuniting with her lost son, she begins knocking back the drink.

Has Bernie really reached the end of the road, or is there a twist in the tale to come?

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2) Bethany obsesses over Nathan

Elsewhere on the cobbles, Nathan (Chris Harper) is given a special welcome back to Weatherfield, as the convicted sex trafficker falls victim to a vicious beating.


Bethany (Lucy Fallon) was horrified when she spotted Nathan, who groomed and raped her back in 2017, back on the streets of Weatherfield, and later learnt that he was working on a building site in the area.

Bethany is sure that Nathan must have something to do with Lauren’s (Cait Fitton) disappearance, and as she continues to investigate any potential links next week, she overhears that solicitor Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) has received some news regarding messages on Lauren’s phone.

Finding her way into Barlow Legal Services, Bethany sifts through the paperwork on Dee-Dee’s desk and finds the file on Lauren.


When local copper Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) lets slip that Nathan had an alibi for the time of Lauren’s disappearance, claiming to have been with with his girlfriend at a nail bar that she works out, Bethany is triggered.

She reminds him that Nathan ran a tanning salon at the time that he groomed her, and worries that this could be history repeating itself.


Mum Sarah (Tina O’Brien) voices her concerns to Gary (Mikey North) that Bethany is becoming obsessed with trying to link Nathan to Lauren, and when Bethany and Daniel (Rob Mallard) later return home, they’re stunned to run into Nathan outside who criticises Bethany for harassing his girlfriend.

Bethany holds Daniel back as he warns Nathan to stay away.


3) Who beats up Nathan?

Over in the Rovers, Sarah, Gary and David (Jack P Shepherd) agree that something needs to be done to stop Nathan’s presence from ruining Bethany’s life.

A short while later, as Nathan stands outside the building site on his phone, he’s attacked by a hooded figure. Struck over the head before he’s even seen his assailant, Nathan falls to the floor, out cold.



All eyes turn to Bethany’s loved ones when news of the attack reaches the street, and particularly David when Shona spots a suspicious-looking stain on his jeans.


David pleads his innocence to both Sarah and Bethany, but when Shona later returns with David’s phone in hand, she reveals that the tracking app has shown that he was at the construction site at the exact time of the attack.


David comes clean and admits that he was there, but maintains that he didn’t attack Nathan.

He did, however, see the face of the person who did…

4) Kevin embraces the world wide web

Also next week, with work having dried up at the garage, Kevin is urged to get with the times by sister Debbie (Sue Devaney) in getting a website for the business.

Kevin agrees to let Max (Paddy Bever) build a mock-up, and he and Abi (Sally Carman-Duttine) are impressed with the result. Kevin balks however when Max then tells him that it’ll cost £1000 if he wants the site put online.


When Kevin later browses the Weatherfield County discussion forums on son Jack’s (Kyran Bowes) laptop, he spots something which leaves him shaken…

5) George tries to mend his rift with Bernie

Plus, after the discovery of their father’s possible last will put a rift between George (Tony Maudsley) and Glenda (Jodie Prenger), George makes attempts to put things right.

Glenda had been shocked to find out that Archie (Roy Hudd) could have intended to leave half of the undertakers business to her, but George was reluctant to make known the discovery for fear of Glenda flittering away the company’s cash.


Glenda got her revenge by placing a For Sale sign in the undertakers window, and this week George apologises and hands over a cheque for £22,000.

Will this be an end to their feud?


Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Coronation Street episodes:

Monday 13th April (Episode 11264/65)

Gemma asks Dev to do some digging on Bernie.

Dev confronts Bernie, who crumbles, admitting she had another son, Zodiac.

Bethany sneaks into Dee-Dee’s office and snoops on Lauren’s file.

Toyah gets the dirt on ‘Mindset’.

Steve opens up to Demi about Tracy’s affair with Tommy.

George apologises to Glenda and makes a gesture to end their feud.

Wednesday 15th May (Episode 11266/67)

A hooded figure attacks Nathan – but who was to blame?

Toyah digs into Rowan’s past. Will she get the confirmation she’s been fearing?

Bernie fears she’ll never find her son.

Kevin admits to Debbie that work has dried up at the garage.

Steve sees pictures on Tracy’s socials of her paragliding over the Med with Tommy.

Friday 17th May (Episode 11268/69)

The net closes in on Nathan’s attacker.

Kevin refuses to pay to embrace the future.

Leanne leaves for the retreat, prompting Simon to turn to booze.

After a discover, Sally finds herself in awe of Steve’s girlfriend Demi.

Paul has his last meal before having his feeding tube fitted.

Bernie’s long-lost son Christopher arrives on Corrie

Jacob Roberts has been cast as the secret son of Coronation Street’s Bernie Winter, who made his first appearance in tonight’s episode.

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