Bernie’s long-lost son Christopher arrives on Coronation Street

Jacob Roberts has been cast as Christopher ‘Kit’ Green, the secret son of Coronation Street’s Bernie Winter, who made his first appearance in tonight’s episode.

Tonight’s episode of Coronation Street saw the identity of Bernie’s (Jane Hazlegrove) long-lost son revealed, though she herself has no idea!

After the reappearance of ex-partner Denny (Danny Cunningham) brought up old ghosts from her past, Bernie had revealed to Dev (Jimmy Harkishin) that she gave birth to a third childZodiac, or Zac for shortfollowing a drunken one-night stand over 30 years ago.


Having already had the twins Paul (Peter Ash) and Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell), and struggling to cope as a single mum after splitting with Denny, Bernie had reluctantly placed Zac into care and he was subsequently adopted out.

Bernie knew that he had been renamed Christopher Green, and has been determined to try and track him down.


After doing some research, Bernie compiled a list of all known Christopher Greens who were around the right age in Manchester. Tonight she visited the home of one of them, and unsure of how to introduce herself, she went along with his assumption that she was there for a cleaning job interview.



But when the man, known as Kit (Jacob Roberts), found her snooping through his drawers upstairs, Bernie had some explaining to do. After heading Bernie’s story, Kit denied being the son that she had given up, telling her that he wasn’t adopted.

But after a disappointed Bernie made a swift exit, Kit was seen pulling out a small jade-coloured elephant from the drawer Bernie had been looking inthe very same elephant that Bernie had described giving to her infant son!


He doesn’t actually recognise Bernie at first, I don’t think he’s ever really seen her,” Jacob Roberts tells us. “He initially thinks she’s trying to rob his house because she’s going through his drawers, and with him being a detective, he’s having none of that.


He realises who she is when she mentions a jade elephant toy, which is something he would know because it’s the only memory he’s got of his biological mother, but he doesn’t want to let her know that he knows. I think she’s come into his life at a time where he didn’t actually need her. He’s got a great job and life now so he doesn’t want to disrupt that.


Bernie will soon find herself crossing paths with Kit again though, as it turns out he has been brought in by DS Swain (Vicky Myers) to work on the Lauren Bolton case.


After finding that the next Christopher Green on her list has not long passed away from cancer, Bernie drowns her sorrows in the Rovers. When she later bumps into Kit in the street, words are exchanged and she finds herself being hauled down to the police station for being drunk and disorderly!

It’s clear that Kit hopes to use his position to try and find out more about Bernie, but is he doing so out of curiosity or does he hope to reconnect with her?


I do think he is going to be a very misunderstood character at first,” Jacob reveals. “He’s been really hurt throughout his life and although he has a good heart, he has some deep rooted resentment with his biological mum, which will be really interesting to play out.

Jacob is no stranger to soap, having played Damon Kinsella in Hollyoaks from 2017-2023, and was thrilled to be joining the cast of Corrie which he has always been a fan of, though admits he was shocked to learn the identity of the character.


I know Bernie has already got a big family, so to be a part of that family is great but I was surprised. I didn’t know how well I would fit in because Kit is nothing like that family, but I do think he’s been a good addition and created a new and exciting dynamic.


It’s absolutely amazing to be joining the cast of Coronation Street,” Jacob adds. “Meeting all of the cast and crew was great, it really is like one big family. It’s just a lovely environment and everyone has been really nice and welcoming. I feel like I’m at home here.

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Coronation Street episodes:

Monday 13th April (Episode 11264/65)

Gemma asks Dev to do some digging on Bernie.

Dev confronts Bernie, who crumbles, admitting she had another son, Zodiac.

Bethany sneaks into Dee-Dee’s office and snoops on Lauren’s file.

Toyah gets the dirt on ‘Mindset’.

Steve opens up to Demi about Tracy’s affair with Tommy.

George apologises to Glenda and makes a gesture to end their feud.

Wednesday 15th May (Episode 11266/67)

A hooded figure attacks Nathan – but who was to blame?

Toyah digs into Rowan’s past. Will she get the confirmation she’s been fearing?

Bernie fears she’ll never find her son.

Kevin admits to Debbie that work has dried up at the garage.

Steve sees pictures on Tracy’s socials of her paragliding over the Med with Tommy.

Friday 17th May (Episode 11268/69)

The net closes in on Nathan’s attacker.

Kevin refuses to pay to embrace the future.

Leanne leaves for the retreat, prompting Simon to turn to booze.

After a discover, Sally finds herself in awe of Steve’s girlfriend Demi.

Paul has his last meal before having his feeding tube fitted.