Episode 2898

Australian Air Date: 16th August 2000

Sam returns to the Bay a new man. Shauna and Gavin’s romantic evening is cut short. Gypsy packs her bags for the city – but will Harry let her go?

Return episode, last seen in #2835. Returned to the Bay to visit Donald. Had secretly fallen into the drugs scene and lost interest in the surfing circuit,

Extended Summary

Shauna invited Gavin to her house for dinner thinking that Leah and Sal would be out. Leah came home with Vinnie and was not impressed. They all had dinner together. Gavin’s phone rang and it was his wife. He lied and said that he was having dinner with a couple of work mates, Shauna told him to leave because she couldn’t deal with that at the moment.
Sam is back in town with a new attitude. Sal is worried. When Sam found out about Fisher running the Olympic Torch relay, he told Alf. Alf said “You, you have never ran anywhere in your life…what next, will they be asking Colleen to run in the marathon!” Fisher told him that it would be discrimination if they only let athletes run with the Olympic Torch.

Colleen has visited her new granddaughter whom they will be naming Colleen.

Harry went back to the bus stop with the graffiti on it (“For a good time, call Gypsy Nash”) and spray painted over it. Joel caught him and thanked him, as he must have missed that one.

Gypsy decided to pack her bags and go and visit Justine in the city but when she got to the bus stop, she found where Harry had tried to hide the graffiti and went back home. When she got there, she gave him a big hug and then they kissed. Seems that they are a couple now!

Caterpillar, 2000