Episode 2920

Australian Air Date: 14th September 2000

Gypsy comes face to face with her tormentor. Bad weather threatens the lives of the inhabitants of Summer Bay. Noah and Hayley take their first step towards a relationship.

Final episode. Fled the Bay after her prank nearly killed Gypsy.

Extended Summary

Jade is at the Stewart house and the lights go out, Ailsa says it’s best if she stays there where she’s safe until the storm breaks a bit, as seen as her parents know where she is.

Colleen is getting everything ready for Ailsa’s surprise party in the diner, but nobody has arrived yet, then Don and Shauna turn up. Colleen is really worried because Leah is suppose to be cooking and she hasn’t arrived yet, Colleen is worried Leah might have been swept away, so Shauna goes to look for her.

Will goes to the drop in centre and finds Nick there and shouts at him for not telling him where he had gone because he has been risking his neck searching for him.

Shauna runs into Gypsy on the road then Gavin comes by in a truck, he says he will give them a lift to the drop in centre. On the way they come across a car off the road, right on the edge of a cliff. They jump out and try to help the person in the car. Gavin ties a rope to his truck but falls as he goes down the to the passenger door of the car. He manages to get up and open the door, its Kirsten. He ties the rope around her, he gets her out just in time then the car falls down the cliff into the water below.

Shauna is worried about where Ailsa and Duncan are because a house not far from theirs slid down the hill. She goes in search of them. She finds them at their house and tells them that they should evacuate to the drop in centre. There is a big creaking sound and it cuts to the drop in centre. Will says he hears a noise and goes to look what it is. Also at that moment Kirsty screams out for Jade because she senses something is wrong, she runs off to the Stewarts to find out what’s wrong.

Alf goes to the diner to tell Colleen to make some food for the drop in centre, Vinnie rushes in to tell them that an emergency call has come in – a land slide on the road where Alf lives. They dart off. By now Shelley and Kirsty are already by the Stewart house, so is Gavin, he wants to go in and save people but they aren’t sure if anyone is in there or if the house had been evacuated but Shelley and Kirsty plead at him to go because they are certain that Jade is trapped. Alf starts digging and so do some other people but Kirsty says they are digging in the wrong place and they must listen to her because there isn’t much time, the whole lot could slide even further.

Thanks to Shauna.

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