Episode 3437

Australian Air Date: 4th February 2003

Nick is forced to choose between Angie and Jade. Dani learns the identity of her mysterious stranger. Seb has a fabulous idea to celebrate Alf’s life.


Extended Summary

Josh gives Leah a hard time about Leah telling Angie to leave the gym. Leah tells Josh that she isn’t going to apolagise to Angie after what she said about her.

Alf talks to Ailsa and Seb about what he is going to do before he passes away. Seb aks Noah if Alf can take his Motorbike for a ride, Noah is not quite sure but he comes around and lets Alf go for a ride.

Donald tells Sally that Angie will be leaving if he has something to do with it. Alf thanks Noah, Seb and Nick for organising the bikeride and Alf says it was sensatial and he has a great time and so did Ailsa.

Seb tells Donald about Alf taking Noah’s motorbike for a ride and he was shocked but he was ok when Seb talks to him about it.

Summer Bay High returns back to school has what you call a sensatial year. Nick answers all the questions that Angie ask him in class and after class Angie bails Nick up in the corridors at the school and brainwashes him again. Alf asks Donald if he can organise a couple of things for his furneal before he passes away,and Donald tells Alf yes he will and that he will do it on the weekend.

Nick waits for Angie at the beach amd Angie didn’t show up.

Dani finds out that the guy he saw on the beach on a horse that his name is Scott Hunter and he now owns the boatshed that Alf sold to him. Nick turns up at Jade’s and tells Jade that he has changed his mind that he wants to spend time with her.

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