Leah throws the gym’s future into jeopardy. Jesse has to pull Hayley into line. Will Jade give Nick another chance?

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Nick is forced to choose between Angie and Jade. Dani learns the identity of her mysterious stranger. Seb has a fabulous idea to celebrate Alf’s life.

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Dani finally meets the man of her dreams. Angie lashes out at Dylan. Jesse tells Josh to butt out and let him do his job.


Sally is the victim of a cruel prank. Alf’s rapport with Ailsa begins to sour dramatically. Colleen’s celebrity status soars.


Seb uncovers a shocking secret from Alf’s history. Angie makes a damning accusation about Nick. Hayley is shattered by Noah’s plans to date other people.


Seb is rocked by Fisher’s plans for the future. Angie decides to mend her ways. Hayley’s heartbreak begins to take its toll. Max saves Colleen from becoming a laughing stock.

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Jesse’s date with Leah goes horribly wrong. Dani’s ideals of romance are shattered. Will Summer Bay ever be the same without Alf? The future of the Drop-In Centre is thrown into doubt.

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Alf changes his mind – but is it too late? The town stages a spectacular tribute to their most popular citizen. Max finds it increasingly difficult to live in Colleen’s shadow. Leah gets some unexpected, but timely, advice from Angie.

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Is this the final good bye to Alf Stewart? Jesse pledges to make himself worthy of Leah’s love. Seb blows the chance to reveal his true feelings to Kirsty. Dani’s desire for romance is rekindled.

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Alf has a harrowing premonition of the future, as he teeters on the edge of the after-life.

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Don breaks the news about Alf to the Bay. Nick spills the beans about Seb to Kirsty. Will Rhys rekindle things with Angie?

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Nick finally reveals the truth about his teacher with serious consequences. Flynn’s work threatens to destroy his relationship with Sally. Dani warns Rhys against trying to replace Shelley with Angela Russell. Noah is forced to put Hayley in her place.

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Seb’s dreams of love finally come true. Angie is devastated when Flynn refuses to help her anymore. Dylan moves into the Palace amidst pressure to incriminate his mother. Noah jumps to conclusions about Josh and Hayley.

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Irene’s home is threatened by an intruder. Nick is devastated to realise he may have lost Jade once and for all. Will Leah’s fairytale future come true after all?

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Angie pulls an appalling stunt to frame Nick. Rhys strikes a promising business deal with Scott. Irene makes a big impression on her first day at uni.

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Will Nick be charged with assault? Fisher feels he has failed his beloved school. Rhys forbids Jade from seeing Nick again.

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Nick feels he has no choice but to run away. Seb must decide if he will stay in Summer Bay, or go with Don. Dylan has something up his sleeve to save Nick, but what?

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Irene buckles with worry for Nick. Flynn and Sally are ecstatic at Sophie’s arrival in the Bay. Who has paid Rhys’ bills?

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Sally is excited about her little miracle… but she didn’t expect more than one! Max comes clean about the book – with dire consequences. Fisher passes the reins of duty to Seb, as plans for his farewell proceed.

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Summer Bay bids an emotional farewell to one of its most cherished citizens, as Donald Fisher says goodbye.

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