Irene finds she can no longer work with Paris. Nick finds community service a rewarding experience. Hayley forces Noah to face some home truths about himself.

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Leah loses her faith in Jesse to be a good father. Flynn abandons his proposal plans. Nick and Seb uncover something sinister at the nursing home. Romance blossoms for Alf and Maureen.

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Nick and Seb grow fearful of Gladys’s safety. Alex struggles to hide his true feelings for Hayley. Is Flynn losing faith in the idea of marriage?


Noah is frantic as a kid’s life hangs in the balance. Will Nick and Seb get the proof needed at the nursing home? Paris persuades Irene to give him, and her job, another chance. Alf pressures Flynn about proposing to Sally.


Will Dylan leave Summer Bay? Flynn pops the question to Sally. Scott is shocked to learn his sister is a thief.


Kirsty and Dylan give in to a once forbidden desire. Sally gives Flynn her answer. Alex begins coaching the girls soccer team.


Will Jesse find VJ before Leah returns? Seb can’t believe what Kirsty has done. Nick and Seb are hailed as heroes of the nursing home. Is there love on the horizon for Rhys?


Jesse deceives Leah, but is hurt when she hides their relationship from her family. Seb challenges Dylan’s concept of love. Alf and Scott strike a partnership in the boat.


Noah finds himself getting nowhere with Kit. Colleen tries to stop her daughter from eloping with Alf. Alex struggles to deal with his parents’ expectations.


Dani goes on a quest to save her home from demolition. Max is arrested. Alf’s proposal to Maureen does not go to plan. Nick decides to join Jade in her audition.


Leah is shocked and betrayed by Jesse’s deceit. Alex’s party is marred by family drama, resulting in his father’s collapse. Max comes up with a plan to save the house.


Dylan bids an emotional farewell to his family. Alex reconciles with his brother. Kit pushes Noah as far as he will go.


Jesse fears he has destroyed his relationship with Leah while Max enters phase two of his plan to try to save the house.


Has Max taken his practical ‘ghost jokes’ a little too far? Seb and Nick are sprung with drugs in class. Against the P&C, Paris refuses to do a locker search.


Seb and Nick are off the hook but no one knows who really owns the drugs. Flynn gives Kit a choice to stop drinking or else he will die.


Scott vows to do whatever it takes to help his sister while Seb is worried that Kirsty is still in love with Dylan.


An earthquake strikes as the Sutherlands prepare to lose their home. Leah’s house is bought by a mysterious benefactor while nerves mount for Hayley as her art exhibition draws near.


Hayley’s latest artwork turns into a medical emergency for Alex, Max panics after seeing Colleen fall into the cave and is Jesse stalking Leah?


Colleen survives but has no idea how she got out of the hole and no one is sure who sent Leah the flowers. Is Rhys prepared to sue Josh to buy back the caravan park?


Flynn and Sally find Kit in serious trouble by the beach, Irene finally makes her mind up about Paris, and Alf gets himself into hot water with Maureen.