Episode 3500

Australian Air Date: 2nd May 2003

Leah loses her faith in Jesse to be a good father. Flynn abandons his proposal plans. Nick and Seb uncover something sinister at the nursing home. Romance blossoms for Alf and Maureen.

Return episode, last seen in Episode #3168. Was discovered by Nick and Seb to be residing at the local Nursing Home. Informed them of the abusive treatment of staff.

Extended Summary

Sally is very surpised that Flynn has changed his mind, that he likes the movie, “My bestfriends wedding”, and they talk about the movie.

Leah talk to Jesse about Sally’s surpise proposal from Flynn and Jesse is not quite sure, if Sally is heading for another heartbreak, will Sally marry Flynn? Leah tries to convince Jesse that Flynn is the right one for Sally, but is she right? Leah tells Jesse that he is pressuring her in their relationship.

Seb and Nick talk in Nick’s room about Nick’s community service at the local Nursing home. Nick convinces Seb into going to the nursing home with him. Nick talk to Seb about a guy at the nursing home talking to him about what
happened in the war and showing him some photos.

Seb overhears Alf talking to himself in the diner and he realises that Seb is standing there. Alf tells Seb what he was talking about and then Seb heads off.

Scott and Noah talk about how they can help Scott’s sister and Scott asks Noah to talk to her, but Noah is not Quite sure, what to do, but they take it has it comes.

Seb and Nick bumps into Gladys[ Charlotte’s gran]at the nursing home and Gladys asks them when is Charlotte coming, Nick and Seb tells her that she will be here very soon. Gladys walks away telling Nick that he doesn’t look like a loser and then Nick realises that Seb painted loser on his forehead and then Nick chases Seb around outside the nursing home.

Paris goes to the gym to see Jesse about getting are personal trainer and Jesse tells Paris that he will organises one for him. Leah goes into the Gym yelling at Jesse for leaving VJ on his own near the weights and takes Vj home with her.

Alf gets along with Maureen in the diner and they get along really well.

Nick and Seb plays a game of passing the ball with the people at the nursing home. Seb asks Gladys to choin in the game, but Gladys says no.

Leah and Jesse argue over Jesse leaving VJ on his own at the Gym. Leah tells Jesse that she would’nt handle it if anything happen to VJ. Leah thinks twice about wheather Jesse is the right one for to be VJ’s father.

Sally and Flynn has a picnic at the beach, then Flynn asks Sally to go with him for her surpise. Sally and Flynn arrive at The Sutherlands house and Flynn was just about to asks Sally to marry him, when Colleen arrives at the door to pickup her cassarole dish. Flynn asks Colleen to go in a nice way.

Flynn’s surpise perposal for Sally doesn’t go as plan, has Sally tells Flynn that she wants to go somewhere else for the picnic, not in a house. Flynn is alittle disappointed. Sally and Flynn heads back down the beach.

Jesse tells Leah That if they are in a relationship. that he should get treated like VJ was his own son, but can they both come to an agreement?

Alf and Maureen catches some fish and takes it back to the diner. Colleen is stunned to find out how many fish Alf cought, while fishing. Alf gives Scott his fish that he cought and decides to ask Maureen out for tea and tells her
that he will pick her up at 7pm.

Gladys tells Nick and Seb to get her out of the Nursing Home. Seb and Nick are very worried about Gladys. Nick and Seb goes to tell Flynn about what’s going on with Gladys and Flynn looks into the case.

Flynn tells Leah that he didn’t ask Sally to marry him yet, because he got the impression that she didn’t want to get married.