Alex is on the verge of making the mistake of his life. Dani’s emotional stability is in question. What is Leah plotting?


Jade agrees to a date with the new ‘love of her life’. Jesse gets violent trying to stop Alex making a stupid decision. Alf confesses to deceiving Seb. How much will Alex risk for his dream?


Leah’s decision shocks Flynn and Sally. Max makes another of Eloise’s wishes come true. Tasha loses control in class and hurts Irene. Dani is swept off her feet by her knight on his horse.


Noah is expelled from university. Alex is at loggerheads with Hayley over pursuing his dream. Will Jesse agree to support Leah being Sally’s surrogate?


Will Dani sell her story to Josh? Noah fights back, inspired by a new love interest. Seb is determined to unmask Jade’s admirer. Max grieves over losing a close friend.


Alex’s behaviour disturbs Hayley – is it over between them? Noah beats Josh at his own game. Josh takes a professional interest in Tasha.


Seb dices with death when he makes a shocking decision. Jade is caught with her new boyfriend, Toby. Leah becomes agitated when Sally and Flynn want her to sign a contract over their baby. Kit comes to terms with her father’s death.


Will Kirsty escape a vicious attack? Sally and Flynn have major concerns over the surrogacy. Alex has past the point of no return. Beth sells the farm, signifying a new start with Rhys. Jade’s disappeared, but why has she left without saying anything?


Alf is called to identify Seb’s body. The Sutherland family is torn apart. Leah makes a life changing decision.


Jade is being watched, but by whom? Noah tells an angry Hayley to back off. Josh’s secret in returning to the Bay is revealed.

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Will Kirsty ever be part of the family again? Jesse catches Alex taking steroids. Dani and Scott are at extreme loggerheads.


Kirsty, at an all time low, sells out to Josh. Has Irene ruined Dani’s chances for a fair trial? Alex begs Hayley for forgiveness.

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Will Tasha be tempted by Josh’s devious ways? Jesse is charged with possession. Alf destroys Noah’s bike beyond repair.

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Will Alex let Jesse take the fall for his crime? Scott’s fears for Dani’s frame of mind escalate. Alf accuses Morag of wanting to ruin Dani’s life.

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Is the man of Jade’s dreams who he claims to be? Tensions hit fever pitch when Kane returns to the bay. Fears about the surrogacy begin to surface for Leah.

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Dani folds under the pressure of preparing for her trial. Irene warns Josh off trying to buy Tasha. Kit turns to Noah in desperation.


The embryo is ready, but will Leah go through with it? Kane encourages Kirsty to run away with him. Flynn confronts Josh about using Tasha.

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Dani realises she may be going to gaol. Tasha continues to fall under Josh’s spell. Sally is devestated at the though of losing her chance to be a mu.

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Seb shatters Jade’s world. Will Noah accept Josh’s bribe? Tasha feels deserted by Irene. Will Leah go through with the surrogacy?


Tasha escapes, cracking under the pressure. Alex, Hayley and Jesse are bitterly divided over the gym. Can Seb and Jade ever be friends again?

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