Episode 3622

Australian Air Date: 21st October 2003

Is the man of Jade’s dreams who he claims to be? Tensions hit fever pitch when Kane returns to the bay. Fears about the surrogacy begin to surface for Leah.

Return episode, last seen in Episode #3605.
Final episode. Was revealed to be lying about his orphaned status. Dumped by Jade.
Toby’s lay-about father, visited by a dubious Jade and Kirsty.
Toby’s over-worked mother, visited by a dubious Jade and Kirsty.
Toby’s younger brother.
Toby’s younger sister.

Extended Summary

Sally, Flynn, Leah and Jesse talk about the surrogacy, joking about morning sickness etc.
Toby tells Jade he doesn’t have a family
Noah tells Jade that a year ago, Toby’s family were living in Yabbie Creek – there’s no way they died when Toby was a kid


Alf, Sally and Flynn dicuss Morag’s attitude towards the trial – she not considering Alf’s hypotheses as they are not fact.
Colleen brings out Sally and Flynn’s order, commenting that they should be saving for the baby.
Alf suggests that Flynn mentions his suggestion (that Dani would have finished the job if she meant to kill Kane) to Dani’s lawyer. Flynn then tells Alf that it’s not possible – because he’s a witness for the prosecution! Alf hopes that David can work it out.

Leah talks to Jesse about to Alex, and how he is worried about their father’s reaction to the steroids. She gets concerned when Jesse suggests the police may not believe Alex’s statement – “just because Alex made a statemtent saying I don’t do steroids doesn’t mean that they’ve got to believe him”. They prepare VJ for lunch at Sally and Flynn’s.

jade comes to see Kirsty, who is trying to get her van sorted. Jade wants to talk about Toby and his lies about his family. Jade compares she and Toby to Kirsty and Kane, but Kirsty doesn’t agree – she and Kane are forever, whereas Jade has Seb to consider. Jade wonders why Kirsty is so up on Seb – she dumped him for Kane, and Kirsty explains that it was only because she and Kane never stopped loving one another. Ajde tells Kirsty that although she doesn’t know everything about Toby she still loves him. She wishes Kirsty didn’t have to live in the van, but Kirsty makes light of it. Jade leaves.

Jade arrives back as Max and Rhys are cleaning. Rhys enquires after Kirsty, and Jade knows that Kirsty is only pretending to be ok with the situation. Rhys still thinks that it for the best. Jade is heading out to see Toby, and Rhys suggests that he comes round for dinner. Max can’t believe that a total stranger is invited to dinner, and yet Kirsty isn’t welcome.

Sally wonders how Shelley will react to Flynn being a witness. Jesse and Leah arrive for dinner with VJ. Leah has bought them a present – a baby album – to celebrate their first dinner as an extended surrogate family. Sally tells them that theirbaby will always know the part that Leah and Jesse played.

Kirsty runs into Jade, who explains the Toby situation – and how she has got his parent’s address from Noah. Kirsty offers to go with her into Yabbie Creek.

Kirsty and Jade approach a run down house in a field (? countryside location?), and think that the family may have moved – or they have the wrong address. A boy and a girl run out and are told off by their mother for making too much noise – their father’s asleep. Jade tries to walk away, but Kirsty stops her, and they go to talk to the woman. She tells Kirsty and Jade that they haven’t seen Toby in months, but is preoccupied with the numeroud children running about around her. A man, her husband, exits the house and the pair of them joke about the non-existence of his breakfast. He then tells K+J that if they see Toby, to tell him to come back and give tjhem a hand with the kids.
Kirsty and Jade walk away – whilst behind them the father plays with his kids – and Jade doesn’t know what she’s going to do – she used to think Toby was a special guy. Kirsty says that maybe he still is – his family mightn’t be perfect, but it’s obvious that they love each other. Jade is still confused about why Toby lied.

Leah and Jesse leave, having had a great time. Flynn and Sally marvel at the work – and mess – involved in bringing up a child, but they have no second thoughts. They wonder how Leah will cope with VJ through her pregnancy, and want to give her all the support they can.

Leah whinges about everything that saly was doing wrong with VJ – the size she was cutting the food etc. Jesse tells her that everyone learns, and not to stress – she’s not even pregnant yet.


Kirsty is putting up pictures in her van, and Kane enters behind her. She assumes that it is Jade, but spins around when he starts to speak – they say they have missed one another so much, and kiss.

Toby arrives to meet Jade, and she wants to know why he lied – she has met his family. He tells her that she must know what they’re like – he’s ashamed of them, he hates them and he wishes they were dead. Jade storms out and he follows, wanting to explain. He tries to tell her that his parents didn’t care about him, and tells her that she means so much to him. He tried to become the person she dreamt of in her diary – but she is incensed that he lied to do so. She still doesn’t get why he lied – she would give anything to reunite her family – he shouldn’t try and cut his family out because they’re not perfect. He tells him it won’t work – she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Kirsty worries about Kane’s back, but he reassures her, telling her that it doesn’t hurt when he’s with her. They sit sown on the bed and she tells him that she didn’t mean all the stuff she said abouit her Dad in her messages. He tells her that all that matters is that he’s back – and he’s not going to leave her again. They kiss, and he jokes about she being his ‘secret medicine’ . Just as things are getting heated, Colleen walks in with a bunch of flowers for Shelley. Kirsty and Kane spring apart, but she sees them and after a frosty and brief conversation she leaves. Kane laughs, telling Kirsty that he should have locked the door, and it could have been worse – she could have walked in five minutes later. Kirsty is concerned about Colleen going straight to her Dad and he tries to convince her not to worry – it was Rhys that made her unwelcome in her own house, and he’s her family now.

Colleen rushes in, looking for Rhys. Max comments about how perfect Rhys wants the house for Shelley. Rhys enters, and Rhys is reluctant to waste time – Shelley will be there soon. Jade interrupts them, upset, and Rhys dismisses Colleen, asking Jade if she wants to talk, and she tells him about Toby’s lies.

Leah is distracted by the Jesse/Alex/steroid situation. When Jesse leaves, Leah talks about her surrogacy worries to VJ

Kirsty and Kane unpack his things, and Kirsty is still worried about Rhys’ reaction to Kane’s return – he doesn’t get why it’s such a big deal, seeing as Rhys practically rejected her in the first place. Kirsty tries to explain that it’s not thast Rhys doesn’t care – it’s just that he’s trying to do the right thing by Dani. Kane gets worked up, sarcastically suggesting that Rhys be nominated for ‘father of the year’, before getting up, with the intention of confronting Rhys about his behaviour towards Kirsty, and to let Rhys know that he is back.

Rhys tries to tell Jade that she’s better off without Toby. As Max enters from the hall, having finished cleaning upstairs, Kane appears at the door – Rhys is less than impressed, and asks what is going on when Kirsty appears at his side. Kane picks up on the fact that Rhys hasn’t even said hello to Kirsty, and lays into Rhys about how he has treated Kirsty – letting her walk out of the door. Rhys tells Kane that if he loved Kirsty, then he wouldn’t have come near her, and Kane challenges whether Rhys loves Kirsty more than he does. Rhys states that he’s hoping tha once the trial is over, Kirsty will return to them, and tells Kane that he will never be forgiven by the family. Kane tells Rhys that as far as Kirsty is concerned, he’s part of the package.

Kirsty is upset at the way Rhys and Kane were laying into one another, and she wants to ‘fix things up’ – if he dropped the charges then they could smooth things over with her family, but Kane is adamant that Dani ‘tried to’ run him down, and if he started lying it would get in the way of their relationship eventually. He questions whether she believes him, and she assures him that she does – she just wishes things could be different. They then comment that he has ‘officially’ moved in, and he tells her that although he walked away before, it will never happen again.