Dani is cast into the frightening reality of prison life. Can the Sutherlands pick up the pieces and go on? Tasha makes a startling confession about her past. Noah cuts all ties with Kit.

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Is this the end for Kane and Kirsty? Scott vows to get Dani out of prison – but how? Jesse and Leah make a huge decision in their relationship. Morag provides the key to Dani’s appeal.

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Irene is shocked by news of Tasha’s real identity. Who’s broken into Sally and Flynn’s house? Morag warns Scott not to let the door close on Dani now.


Tasha’s afraid of discovering who she really is. Is Leah pregnant? Jade tries to woo Seb – but will he succumb? Sally and Flynn are at loggerheads over Kane. Morag is touched by Alf’s kind gesture.


Kirsty is horrified when Kane is sprung at the school. A witness who could save Dani from jail comes forward. Will Josh get away with repossessing the gym equipment? Max is thrilled to learn Eloise’s wish will be granted.

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Scott’s aggression towards Kane reaches boiling point. Money has gone missing from the school, but who’s the culprit? Irene takes on a new boarder, much to Rhys’ dismay. Jesse and Hayley struggle to cope in the gym with no equipment.


Dani’s chances of release are dealt a devastating blow. Seb and Jade agree to a date. Irene kicks Kit out.


Kane asks Rhys for Kirsty’s hand in marriage. Dani learns the rules of prison life the hard way. Jesse is worried his business is dying.


Kane’s shocking secret is exposed. How will Leah tell her parents about the baby? Tasha agrees to help find her real parents.


Alf gives Alex some horrifying news. Judgement day for Dani – will she be let out of prison? Kit prepares a big surprise for Noah.


Max finds heart-broken bliss in Eloise’s final, perfect evening. Will Leah and the baby survive? Jesse and Flynn face Poulos fury over the surrogacy. Things heat up between Jade and Seb at salsa class. Dani vows she’ll never return to prison.


Fears mount for Max’s bizarre behaviour. Alex is shocked and hurt by Jesse’s radical proposal. Tempers fray when Rhys accuses Kane of stealing. Kane is angry when Tasha reveals his shocking secret to Irene. Crunch time for Rhys and Beth – will they buy the caravan park?


Kit is frantic when Irene collapses with a heart attack. Has Alex dumped Hayley? Kane receives grave warning from Scott, and Irene.


Irene is rushed to hospital after another attack. Noah and Hayley nearly kiss. Beth proposes to Rhys.


Noah realises he still has feelings for Hayley. Tasha smothers Kane. Max builds a shrine for Eloise. Kit is hurt when Noah says their friendship is over. The school dance preparations continue.

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Alex makes a shocking announcement about his future. Jesse receives news about the charges he’s been facing. Will Hayley find Kane in time? Tasha is questioned by the police.

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Alex is found guilty – will he go to jail? Robbie Hunter arrives in Summer Bay – and immediately clashes with Jade.

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Kane makes the ultimate threat against Rhys. Noah and Kit share an intimate moment. A sibling war breaks out between the Hunters and the Sutherlands.


Tragedy strikes at the mine shaft. Noah’s torn between Hayley and Kit. Alex flees Summer Bay.


The Sutherlands are buried alive – will they be found before it’s too late? Irene is stunned by the identity of Tasha’s mother! Scott and Seb threaten to kill Kane.

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