Episode 3632

Australian Air Date: 4th November 2003

Is this the end for Kane and Kirsty? Scott vows to get Dani out of prison – but how? Jesse and Leah make a huge decision in their relationship. Morag provides the key to Dani’s appeal.


First appearance. Friendly warder who oversaw Dani’s visit from Scott and David.
First appearance. Warned Dani of the Guv’s control.
Trouble-making prison inmate.
Trouble-making prison inmate.

Extended Summary

Kirsty tells Kane that, if Dani goes to jail, she can’t be with him
Scott tells Rhys that David WANTED Dani to lose. Rhys argues that they all agreed that David would handle the case – they went along with it because they love her
Dani is told by a prison officer that her family called – they’re going to visit ‘tommorow’. Georgie tells Dani that she’s lucky – her family don’t want to know her.


Kane catches up with Kirsty, wanting to talk, but she is distant, thinking about Dani, and blaming herself. Kane tries to console her, telling her that they can’t let it ruin everything, but she brushes him off.

Scott tells Alf that he’s going to see Dani, and is infuriated as he sees Kane approaching. Scott blames him for Dani being inside, and Alf restrains him as he grabs Kane. Kane lays the blame at Dani’s door – she tried to kill him.

Dani walks out into the yard, and the inmates holler at her – “What are you doing here?”, “G’day gorgeous”, and Dani walks straight over to Georgie. Neither of them slept well. They are approached by a few of the inmates – “Hello princess, slumming it are ya?” and enquire what Dani’s in for. One of the guards tells them to leave Dani alone, warning Dani that if she lets them intimidate her, then they’ll keep pushing until she pushes back. Dani tells her that she wants a phone call to her family.
Dani calls Shelley, who breaks down over the phone, saying that she is so sorry. She talks to Rhys, who tells her that they’ll be visiting that afternoon, but she tries to discourage him – however, he assures her that they will “move heaven and earth” to see her.

As Rhys comes off the phone, Max asks is he can go and see Dani, since he didn;t get to go to the trial and say goodbye, but Rhys declines, leaving Max upset and angry. As he storms out, he collides with Colleen, who has come to see if there was anything she could do.

Colleen talks to Alf about what a hard time Dani’s going to have when she comes out, with the stigma of a criminal record – he reminds her of her behaviour when Jesse – AND Nathan Roberts – arrived in town. Alf wants to stay positive about Dani. Morag arrives, and Alf is bitter that she hasn;t returned to the city, angered that she doesn;t appear to show any sympathy for Dani. She reminds him that all she did was uphold the law, and states that the legal system has let Dani down – twice, but there was nothing she could do.

Kane and Kirsty sit on the bonnet of his car. He tries to persude her to return to the van with him to talk things through properly, reminding her of how perfect things were in the city, when he told her he wanted to be with her forever – that hasn’t changed. He tells her he can’t live without her, and she tells him that she can;t live without her family.

Kane is packing up his things as Kirsty returns. She is shocked, thinking that he is leaving her – like he said he would never do – but he assures her that he’s not leaving town, he’s just giving she and her family some space to sort things out.

Kane asks Max to pass on the message to Rhys that he has left the van. Max tells him that he doesn’t know exactly what went on between he and Dani, but he knows that everything is Kane’s fault, and that everyone hates him.

David warns Shelley, Rhys and David that prison might be a bit of a shock to them, and wants to go over some of the formalities for the appeal. Scott breaks the news that they’ll be looking for someone else – and in the meantime he’ll go over the evidence again. David informs Scott of the additional time it would take to brief another lawyer, AND that Scott would be unable to handle the technicalities involved – and the longer the appeal takes, the longer Dani’s in jail. And they should be grateful that Dani ONLY got 3 years, and could be out in 1 – the worst case scenario would have been 12. Shelley assures Scott that David knows what he is doing.


Georgie explains to Dani why she is in prison – her boyfriend stored stolen goods in her house, but he ‘didn’t know they were stolen’. When they were caught by the cops, he persuaded her to take the rap, as he would have been sent down for longer, and it was only her first offence. She is convinced that he loves her, and will visit her. One of the officers tells Dani that she has visitors. Dani initially doesn’t want to see them, but after seeing Georgie’s disappointment at not having visitors, she changes her mind.

David, Shelley, Rhys and Scott wait to see Dani, but the officer tells them that she only wants to see David and Scott, leaving Rhys and Shelley wondering why she doesn’t want to see them.

David and Scott talk to Dani about the appeal, and getting her out on bail – but it could take a week or two. Dani tries to assure Scott that she’s ‘holding it together’, and asks after her parents – she can’t cope with Shelley falling apart as she did on the phone. They are told that their time is up, and Scott once again tells her that they WILL get her out, and he’ll be back as soon as possible. They are stopped when Scott goes to hug Dani – no physical contact is allowed. She is led away.

Kirsty approaches Morag, upset and angry that she could send Dani to jail. Morag tells Kirsty that she wasan;t so concerned about Dani’s feelings when she was flaunting her romance, and calls Kane ‘poison’ – Kirsty tries to object – “you don’t know him”, but Morag knows what she saw in her courtroom – and Kirsty better hope that Dani has it in her heart to forgive her.

David and Scott talk about trying to find the truckie – but they have been working on that for four weeks, and it won’t help unless they find grounds for an appeal. David explains that they NEED to find something wrong with the court case, or handling of evidence, and Rhys would need to stump up a lot of money.
Max rushes in to give Rhys the ‘good news’ – Kane has moved out of the van, and, in Max’s words, is “leaving Kirsty”.

Kirsty sits alone, and Rhys and Shelley arrive. Kirsty apologises and Rhys hugs her, before explaining what happened at the prison – Dani wasn’t ready to see them, and Kirsty is downhearted – in that case, Dani DEFINETELY won’t want to see her. Shelley comforts her, and apologises for Kane leaving – after everything he has put her through. Kirsty tries to tell her that Kane HASN’T left her, but Shelley interrupts.

Alf wonders why Morag wants Scott’s address, and she has something she wants to discuss with him. Kane enters, looking for somewhere to stay now he has left the van, and is greeted coldly by Morag, who tells him that the best thing for him to do would be to leave Summer Bay, before he drags Kirsty down to his level. Alf tells Kane that he can;t help him, and there won’t be many people who will. He leaves, colliding with Colleen as she enters.

Colleen goes into the kitchen, where Leah rushes away to be sick. Colleen tells Alf that they should be “hearing the patter of little feet very soon… and I’m not talking about mice”

Dani and Georgie are told that they can share a cell if they want to, and Dani is just glad to have a friend. The officer tells her that she’ll need all the help she can get once “The Guv’s out”. Dani and Georgie are confused, and are informed by fellow inmates that the Guv is the top dog – and she’ll be out of solitary confinement in a couple of days, and she likes to “make the new girls feel welcome”

Leah enters to see Jesse and VJ, announcing to Jesse that she has been feeling sick – and she can just feel that she is pregnant!

Morag arrives to see David and Scott, hinting that they might want to consider the behaviour of the presiding judge outside court and they would have grounds for an appeal – she may have said things that she shouldn’t. David and Scott are left stunned – they just have to pinpoint what Morag shouldn’t have said, and they have an appeal!