Episode 3631

Australian Air Date: 3rd November 2003

Dani is cast into the frightening reality of prison life. Can the Sutherlands pick up the pieces and go on? Tasha makes a startling confession about her past. Noah cuts all ties with Kit.


First episode. New inmate who befriended Dani after being transferred with her to Yabbie Creek Prison.
First appearance. Nasty warder who did little to ease Dani’s transition into prison life.

Extended Summary

Kit tries to stop Tasha leaving, so Tasha hits her. Kit falls to the floor and Tasha kneels beside her, concerned.
Dani is sentenced by Morag to three years in prison – with a non-parole period of 2 years. Scott jumps to his feet as Dani is taken down, proclaiming his love and promising to get her out


A sequence of clips, with Danielle Spencer’s “Holding On” as background music as Dani has her photos taken, and is taken in a prison van to the jail, where she is greeted by other hollering inmates, and given a change of clothes – her own belongings are taken for the duration of her time. She meets ‘Georgie’, another first-timer. Shelley and Rhys console one another, before going to the school to break the news to a distraught Jade – they then return home, and Jade looks to Beth for comfort, giving Shelley the cold shoulder. Scott goes back to the palace alone.

Flynn finishes Kit’s examination, and tells her that he KNOWS she has been drinking again, otherwise Tasha’s punch wouldn’t have caused so much damage. Kit tries to tell him that “it’s different this time” but he wanrs her – another week, and she could be dead if she doesn’t get proper help.

Rhys comes off the phone, and Shelley wants to know when they can see Dani. They wouldn;t be able to make it that evening, and Shelley is upset, not liking the thought of Dani being alone. Rhsy tells her they have to get used to it – for a year at least. Beth assures him that they WILL get Dani out. Jade arrives, having checked Kirsty’s van – she’s not there. Rhys is angry that Kirsty is off ‘with him’. Scott enters, asking after Dani, and wanting to talk aboiut the appeal. Scott thinks they should find an alternative to David, and Shelley attempts to back David up – but Jade is still bitter, blaming David for Dani going to prison in the first place.
Shelley and Jade leave, and Scott tells Rhys that David WANTED Dani to lose – “did you see his face when she started to cry?”. He regreats hiring David, but Rhys reminds him that they ALL went along with it because they love Dani.
Scott storms out, vowing not to stop until Dani is free, and Beth reassures Rhys, suggesting that they all sit down and talk rationally about the situation.

Beth goes out to the back porch to talk to Shelley, who is sat alone. Shelley thinks that she has let the family down – she should have been there for them. Beth tells her she shouldn’t be blaming herself – she should be supporting her daughters, who are hurting and NEED their Mum. She must stay strong for them.

Tasha apologises for hurting Kit, but Irene insists that “sorry doesn’t cut it!” – she can’t go around hurting anyone. Sally asks Tasha to explain, and Tasha claims that they were just “mucking around”. Flynn and Kit come through from the surgery, and Irene realises that Kit is drinking again. When kit and Tasha leaves, Irene talks to Sally, wondering what she is doing wrong – maybe she has taken on too much. Sally reminds Irene that Tasha may not have anyone else, but Kit DOES have a mother.


Beth apologises for not listening to Kit, but Kit says it was HER choice to start drinking. She suggests that Kit move back into the caravan park, but Kit wants to stay put at the beach house – she doesn’t feel that she fits in with the Sutherland’s. Irene tells Kit that for as long as she stays there, there will be no more secrets – whether or not Kit stuffs up again. Beth tells Kit that there will always be a place for her at the Caravan Park

Scott is upset and angry that Kit has been drinking, and Beth tries to convince Scott that Kit NEEDS there support. However, Scott is funnelling all his energy into getting Dani out of prison, and kit doesn’t want them interfering anyway.

Flynn arrives to see Kit, but as she is studying Flynn gives her prescription to Tasha. tasha says that she thought she had killed Kit when she saw the blood – and she DID mean to hurt Kit – because sometimes she just can;t stop doing things. Flynn wants to find out why, and probes for further information about her past – thinking that Tasha is remembering things and not telling them. Tasha is worried about finding out more- in case she did something bad and gets locked up like Dani. She runs up to her room.

Flynn and Sally pack for their week away “finding Tasha’s relatives”, with Sally wanting a ‘nice bathroom’ at their hotel. Sally thinks that Tasha needs some time to adjust in a world she doesn’t understand.
Jde arrives, having been walking around trying to make sense of ‘everything’ for ages. She voices her distress over the whole situation to Sally, not wanting them to call her parents – besides, all Shelley cares about is David, and she hates her for not thinking about what Dani’s going through. Sally tries to console her, but Jade says it’ll never be ok – “I’ve lost my sister”.

Tasha wants something to eat, but Irene has just got back with the shopping and gets irritated by the girls not pulling their weight – she asked Kit to fold the washing before she left, and it hasn’t been done. She tells Kit that SHE has to study as well, and she hardly gets a chance.

Flynn returns Jade home, but Jade is unwilling to talk to the family, leaving to go to Seb’s. Flynn tells Shelley that Jade just needs someone to lash out at, and when Flynn leaves Rhys blames himself for making bad decisions. Shelley says that they need to sit down and have a good talk tomorrow, to decide what to do – and Beth concurs.

Irene returns from her bath, and tasha has made her a drink, thinking that she has ruined everything for irene, and that she will get thrown out of Uni. Irene assures her that she was just letting off steam before, but Tasha is still worried that Irene will send her away. They sit down, and Irene tells Tasha that all she wants is to do the best by Tasha – and there are people who can help her better than she can. Tasha worries that she would be locked up ‘like Dani’ if she was sent away, but Irene tells her it’s a completely different situation – Dani’s in prison! Tasha confesses that she DOES know who ‘Auntie Mary’ is AND where to find her

Jade and Seb sit by a fire, with Jade telling him that it feels like a nightmare. Seb is still blaming himself for the death of the hitchhiker, and when Jade places her hand on his arm he shakes it off. Jade doesn’t want to stay at home as it reminds her of Dani, and now she feels that she is losing Kirsty as well.

Another sequence accompanied by Danielle Spencer’s “Holding on”. On the back porch at the caravan park, Rhys sits alone, staring into space.Dani is escorted to her cell, and Beth accompanies Rhys. The cell door slams shut behind Dani, leaving her alone. Scott is also stood alone at the Palace. As the lights go off in the prison, Dani silently cries.