Episode 3630

Australian Air Date: 31st October 2003

A verdict is reached – will Dani be found guilty or not guilty? Tasha gets violent with Kit. Alex and Hayley are shocked by some devastating news. Someone leaves Summer Bay humiliated, but whom?

Final episode.
Final episode.
Announced the jury’s verdict of “guilty” at the conclusion of Dani’s trial for attempted murder.

Extended Summary

Flynn admits to the court that it was possible, despite Dani’s mental state, that she could have planned to kill Kane.
Noah admits Dani said she wished Kane was dead during the phone call
Robertson interrogates Dani, upsetting her. Kane stands up, telling him to leave Dani alone, prompting a verbal attack from Dani. Robertson uses this to his advantage, and Dani finally admits that she hates Kane, and she wants him dead.


Josh catches up with Tasha, still trying to persuade her that he’s offering her a great opportunity – she could have the money to do anything she wants. He tells her that he does care about her, as a friend, but Tasha is still hurting. As Tasha walks away, Kit tells Josh to leave Tasha alone

Hayley can’t believe that Josh is still hassling Tasha, but Josh is more concerned with the fact that Tasha is turning down a great opportunity. Hayley tries to make him realise that, for some people, life isn’t about money – and that’s why they’re living in Summer Bay, as opposed to the city, which Josh can’t understand. Josh brings up the topic of Noah, telling Hayley that he earns peanuts, and still turned down a small fortune due to pride. Hayley states that she was never with Noah for his money – she loived him, and she loves Alex. Josh mocks Alex, convinced that he’ll be going to jail. He tells Hayley that she should have stuck with him, and leaves.

Kirsty worries about what happened in court, telling Kane that Dani didn’t know what she was saying in court, but Kane knows that she did. Kirsty thanks him for sticking up for Dani, and he tells her that he really is sorry about everything, whether or not people choose to believe it, and he couldn;t let Robertson go on at Dani like that – it was too full on. They ponder what will happen – the longer the jury takes, the better. Kirsty tries to convince herself that, despite Dani’s outburst, she won’t be found guilty.
Josh enters, asking how they are after what happened in court, and wanting to talk about the story. Kane tells him that they have nothing to say, and he and Kirtsy go to leave. Josh claims that all he did in court was tell the truth, but Kane saw it as him sticking the knife into someone he used to love. Kane tells him there won’t be a story – ever.

The family arrive home, with Rhys and Shelley trying to be optimistic – at least the jury could see how much she was hurting. David tells them that hating Kane and wanting him dead doesn’t mean that she did it. Beth and Scott also try and reassure her.

Alf and Hayley discuss Josh, and how money comes in the way of everything else that’s important – soon, he’ll have no one. Hayley tells Alex about Josh’s comment about Noah turning down money, but Alex doesn’t know anything about it. They consider what Josh could have meant, knowing how much Josh wants Noah out of the DIC.

As the family prepare for dinner, Rhys and Shelley argue about David – Shelley wonders if Rhys has it in for him because David makes her happy, but Rhys admits that he just doesn;t feel David is the right person to defend Dani. Dani yells at them to stop it, and walks ou. Beth diffuses the situation – they all agreed that David would handle it, and worrying about it will do no one any good. Shelley apologises for the trouble.
Rhys tells Scott that he has an incredible mother, and Scott informs him of the slip-up he made earlier in the week, when he called Shelley his wife. Rhys is stunned

Josh arrives as Tasha looks through a magazine. Upon learning that Irene is not home he enters to say goodbye, telling her that Irene is holding her back – she could become huge elsewhere. Tasha insists that all she wants is for people to ‘get’ her.

Beth comments on the fact that no one has been eating much, and Rhys is glad of the peace and quiet. He approaches the “wife” comment, and Beth says that it hurt her. She asks if he has any feeling left for Shelley, which he strongly denies – he and Shelley are over. He apologises for his ‘slip of the tongue’, and they talk about their future. She has accepted an offer on the farm, and wants to buy the caravan park back for them.

On the back porch, Dani tells Josh that she hates when her parents fight. Scott reassures her that it’s almost over, assurting her that she won;t be going to prison, and that he loves her – the moment they met, he knew they were meant to be together.


Rhys tells Scott that the jury’s still out, but David thinks the verdict will be in ‘today’. Dani asks Beth for advice on what to wear for court – they agree on casual.
Josh arrives to a frosty reception, and tells Rhys that he’s had an offer on the caravan park – but he would rather sell to them. They settle on $444,000.44, as Beth ‘likes fours’. Josh leaves, and Beth and Rhys hug, ecstatic.

Hayley and Alex are still wondering what ius going on with Noah/Josh/the money. They decide to talk to Flynn about it, and Flynn confronts Josh, learning that Josh DID offer Noah a bribe to leave the DIC. Josh informs Flynn that he doesn’t need to touch the DIC now he has sold the Caravan park.

Beth arrives with some laundry, and Kirsty asks after Dani. Beth then thanks Kane for what he did in court, and Beth tells them about she and Jack – how everyone hated him. She assures them that people will eventually come round if they stick together – “you need to take strength from each other”, and they just need to have patience. Kirsty hugs Beth, thanking her for her support.

Kit confronts Tasha over how she has been treating Irene – hardly saying a word to her, and Tasha states that Irene just doesn’t understand her. Kit tries to convince Tasha that all Irene wants to do is help, and Tasha should talk to her. Tasha says she;s sick of talking, and goes to her room

Kirsty prepares to go to court, but Kane is reluctant to go with her – whatever the result, her family will hate him. Kirsty insists that Dani needs her there, and she needs him – she won;t blame him for the verdict, as she blames herself. Kane tells her it’s not, but agrees to go to court

Scott arrives, and Dani is stressed that they will be late. Josh comes in to talk to Rhys – the contracts will be drawn up by this afternoon, and he will be heading back to the city.
Josh then turns to Dani and Scott, mentioning that he wasn’t much help in court, but she knows what it feels like to have people judge you. He tells Dani that if she ever needs any help, to give him a call, before holding out his hand to Scott – “no hard feelings?” – but Scott and Dani walk away from him. Josh tells Scott not to turn his back on Dani, which results in him receiving a punch from Scott, who tells him to stay away from Dani.

Hayley is upset as they have had another cancelled membership. Alex discovers that, although they bought out Josh’s share in the gym, they never bought his share in the equipment – and they have recieved a request for $10,000 from “Joshua West Holdings”. Alex realises they are “well and truly stuffed” if it’s true.

Kit srrives home, to find Tasha with her bag packed, ready to leave – but with nowhere to go. Kit tried to talk her round – she once thought no one understood her, and that things wouldn’t work out. Tasha hits her when she tries to stop her leaving, and Kit falls to the floor. Tasha kneels down beside her, concerned.

Josh arrives, looking for his mobile, and Alf comments on his face injury, before reminding Josh that although he writes the people of Summer Bay off now, he was once keen to be one of them. Josh insists he just wants a fair go – something which Alf laughs at. As he leaves, Beth approaches Alf – she has just had a call from Rhys. The jury’s back.

The jury enter, and Morag asks the foreman whether they have reached a verdict. They have. Dani is found guilty.
Morag sentences Dani to three years, with a non-parole period of two years, taking into account her mental state. As Dani is taken down, Scott jumps to his feet, and is restrained as he calls out that he loves her, and that they’ll get her out.

Thanks to Claire.

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