Episode 3646

Australian Air Date: 24th November 2003

Alex makes a shocking announcement about his future. Jesse receives news about the charges he’s been facing. Will Hayley find Kane in time? Tasha is questioned by the police.

Twelfth and final appearance, last seen in Episode #3620. Informed a relieved Jesse that the drugs charges against him were being dropped.

Extended Summary

Hayley is unable to tell Alex that she doesn’t want him to sell out
Hayley tells Noah that she sometimes thinks about what things could be like were they still together, before moving in for a kiss. She then pulls away, tellng him that they can’t
Kane reassures Tasha about Irene as they cook dinner. She is jumpy and runs upstairs when Kane places a hand on her shoulder, telling him that she doesn’t want him to hurt her. Kane is stunned
As Kane sleeps, Tasha enters his room and raises a pillow over his face…


Alex and Hayley arrive back, and Tasha listens into their conversation from Kane’s bedroom. Alex assumes that both Tasha and Kane have gone to bed, before apologising for “everything” – he doesn’t want to lose her. She assures her that Jesse will come around, and things will be fine, but he is still concerned about the trial. Alex then leaves.
In kane’s bedroom, Tasha sits down on the bed. We see Kane, bound, gagged and unconscious on his bed

Alex arrives back home, where Noah is still up. Alex is confident that things are sorted with Hayley, but tells Noah that if he goes to prison, then Hayley will need him (Noah) for support. Noah promises that he will take care of her.

Jesse and Flynn jog, discussing Leah’s cravings, and her stress over Leah, although both know that it is Alex’s own fault that he took steroids. Jesse is just upset at the effect that it is having on Leah, but resolves to stick by her. They then discuss Irene’s imminent release from the hospital, both reckoning that Irene won’t take it easy, as she has so much on her plate, especially with Tasha, and Irene’s condition is worse than Jesse initially thought. Flynn hopes that they could have good news for Tasha, as they have “a lead” on her parents – he and Sal are going for a meeting on ‘Saturday’.

Tasha tells Hayley that Kane left very early in the morning, as his car woke her up, and tries to get Hayley out of the house.

Alex tries to stop Leah worrying about him, before asking why Vinnie never wanted her to visit him. She changes the subject, wamting him to call his lawyer, but Alex continues – he doesn’t think it’s fair for Hayley to have to wait for him. leah then opens up – Vinnie knew it would hurt her to see him inside

Tasha is still trying to convince Hayley to leave, by warning her that she will be late for work. Hayley leaves, before returning and calling out to Tasha – Kane’s car is still outside. Unable to locate Tasha, she knocks on Kane’s door, before cautiously entering. He is still bound and gagged on his bed, but is now awake.

Pia arrives to speak to Jesse – his charges have been dropped, as Baz admitted to setting him up. Baz has also been on Josh’s payroll, despite having left the gym, and has been performing certain ‘jobs’. However, Alex’s case will still be up to the courts to decide.

Tasha finds Hayley and a newly freed Kane, who question her about what is going on, with Kane furious at what she did to her. She keeps telling them that he touched her, but as it was on the shoulder, Hayley is puzzled. Tasha then admits that people have told her that Kane would hurt her – like he hurt Dani when she trusted him. Kane calms down, trying to convince her that he would NEVER hurt her, but Tasha does a runner.

Flynn and Sally encounter a panicky Tasha, who stutters that Kane is angry at her, and that she couldn’t let him hurt her. Sally and Flynn are confused, wanting to know where Kane is, and she informs them that she tied him up! After checking that she is alright, Flynn suggests that they go and talk to Kane


Flynn confronts kane, who insists that the only way Tasha reacted as she did was because people have been telling her about he and Dani – which Hayley reenforces. Flynn wonders how Tasha actually managed to tie him up, and Kane replies that he was asleep, and she hit him over the back of the head therefore he was unable to call for help. He rejects Flynb’s attempt to check that he is alright, before assuring them that he isn’t going to call the police about Tasha due to the situation – she was scared “out of her brain”.

Leah is delighted that Jesse is off the charges, and he politely tells Alex that he hopes things out well for him too.

Hayley tells Jesse about what happened between Kane and Tasha, and affirms that Kane didn’t touch her, touch her – Tasha was just shaken up.
Alex arrives, and has realised his last asking price on the gym was way too steep. He has a new offer, which he is positive that they will like, and will tell them both at dinner – he promises it isn’t a “game”

Flynn talks to Tasha about the Kane situation – just because he hurt Dasni, dopesn’t mean that he’s still not Tasha’s friend. Tasha admits that if she was in Kane’s shoes then she wouldn’t have liked it, and admits that she felt bad about tying him up. Flynn explains that that was her conscience kicking in and Tasha jokes that her conscience must be like Irene’s car – “doesn’t work all the time!”. She tries to explain what she has been taught about “survival instinct”, but she was never taught about conscience, and she is confused about all the new rules as she had none in the bush. He assures her that all she has to do is learn new survival skills, and she wants to “fit in”, still know knowing “who” she is. Flynn tells her about the call he recieved, and that they have got new information. However, she is worried that he’ll find something bad, despite his insistence that she isn’t a bad person.

Kane returns home, and is reluctant to talk to Tasha. She apologises – she never meant to hurt him, and both open up about what they were taught by their respective parents, acknowledging that they both have “a lot of scars”. She reaffirms that she never meant to hurt him, and he says that he knows how it feels. She tells him what Flynn told her about conscience and he admits that sometimes he does stupid things without realising – like with Dani, and he NEVER meant to hurt her either, but now she’s paying him back. Tasha prepares herself for “payback”, and Kane is stunned – “I thought I had a stuffed up childhood!”, telling her that he doesn’t want to hurt her – he actually wants to be her friend – “us freaks.. we’ve got to stick together!”

Hayley approaches Noah, making small talk about surfing conditions, before telling him that the “thing” that happened the other day shouldn’t have happened – she just appreciated his support. They agree to forget about it, before enquiring about how she and Alex are going. He agrees to “babysit” Tasha for the night whilst Hayley attends dinner at the palace with Alex, Leah and Jesse.

Neither Kane or Tasha is keen to talk to their “babysitter”, Noah, with Tasha stating that she and Kane are friends. Pia arrives, out of uniform, and Kane wryly states that the silverware is still there, and noone’s dead. Pia tells them she has actually come to see Tasha, and enquires about a girl that has been seem out at night with no clothes on. It has been “upsetting” locals, and Pia isn’t impressed that Kane finds it humourous. When he laughs at her inability to “nail” people, she goes on to inform him that just because an investigation isn’t heard of, it doesn’t mean that it’s not happening.

Alex serves dinner, informing his business partners that he’s not going to sell… in fact, he’ll be giving them his share – as it won’t be much good when he’s inside anyway. They object – he won;t be going to prison, and even if he does there are ways for he to retain his share. However, he doesn;t want the share anyway – even if he doesn’t go down, he’ll be leaving the bay – for good…

Thanks to Claire

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