Episode 3645

Australian Air Date: 21st November 2003

Noah realises he still has feelings for Hayley. Tasha smothers Kane. Max builds a shrine for Eloise. Kit is hurt when Noah says their friendship is over. The school dance preparations continue.

Seventh appearance, last seen in Episode #3610. Taunted Max after his chats to the invisible ‘Eloise’ were exposed.

Extended Summary

Irene goes into VT
Jade, Dani and Kit discover that Rhys and Beth are getting married, and even Kit is happy for them
Flynn talks to Max about his talking to Eloise, and Max says that he just wantsd to remember everything about her – it’s his way of dealing with things
Hayley and Noah come close to kissing, but she pulls away, telling him that they can’t


Scott tells Noah that Beth and Rhys are getting married, expressing his surprise at Kit’s reaction – they speculate about whether Kit will still around for longer. Noah tells Scott about the situation with Hayley, and how it’s like she wants to get back with him. Scott presses Noah about how HE feels – he hasn’t had a serious relationship since he and Hayley split.

Kit tells Seb and Jade about the impending arrival of the family – Robbie and the twins, but is adamant that she will still be leaving. Kit is concerned about dancing at the formal, needing more dance classes, but Seb drags Jade to her feet – “who needs dance classes?”. Jade spins into Kirsty and Kane as they enter, and Seb offers Kirsty a dance. Kane is defensive, angry at Jade for crashing into him, and warning Seb off Kirsty. Kit puts an end to the war of words that follows, with both Jade and Kirsty sticking up for their respective partners.

Kirsty and Jade return home, still arguing, and Max reassures ‘Eloise’ that it’s not usually like this. Beth is preparing to go into the hospital – Irene has had another heart attack. Max recieves a parcel from Eloise’s parents – a nugget and a letter thanking Max for what he has done for their daughter. As he leaves with ‘Eloise’, Kirsty states that Max is “losing it”.

Colleen, Sally, Leah and Alf discuss Irene, with Colleen talking about how death can strike at any time. Max approaches, voicing his opinion that when it’s your time to die, that’s it, before ordering a milkshake and checking that Eloise doesn;t want anything. As Max sits down, Colleen informs Alf and Sally that it’s just Max’s way of coping – and although Flynn thinks it’s ok, she doesn’t think it’s right.
Sally sits down with Max, telling him that he can talk tyo her at any time, but he doesn’t see why everyone is so worried about him. She suggests that he sets up a memorial for Eloise, so that he is able to remember her through that.

Beth reassures Tasha that Irene won’t die, before offering her dinner at the caravan park – Tasha wonders why kane isn;t invited, and Kane is bitter that he isn’t welcome, angry that Seb appears as the “perfect guy” – Rhys never had a problem with him. A glass smashes in his hand as he angrily does the washing up, and he leaves for a walk.

Kane approaches Seb, who is on lifeguard duty, once again warning Seb off Kirsty – “I saw the way you looked at her!”. Seb informs Kane that he wouldn’t get back with Kirsty if he was paid – ‘she’s pathetic, a liar and she cheats on people’. Although Kane is getting agrier, Seb tells him that he is scum, and sometimes he feels sorry for him.

Kit and Scott talk about her leaving – she has nothing to stay for as Noah and Hayley are meant to be together. Scott asks whether she said anything to Hayley, and Kit confesses – Scott isn’t impressed, as it wasn’t her business and Noah isn’t happy.
Beth and Tasha arrive back from hospital – Irene’s surgery went well, and things are looking good. Kit announces that Robbie called, and will be getting a bus on Friday. Max isn;t happy that he wasn’t told about this development – where is Robbie going to sleep? The only option would be for Robbie to share the attic room, something which Max is even less impressed about. Beth then breaks the news that the twins, Henry and Matilda, will also be staying, to which Max sarcastically responds “Great! I can sleep in the broom cupboard”, before leaving in a huff with ‘Eloise’ – if they don’t want him around, they should just say so.

Later, Beth comes downstairs to find Max watching a film that “Eloise likes”. Beth apologises for that afternoon, and Max voices his worry about getting to know the twins, not wanting to forget Eloise – only when he is alone with Eloise can he see her properly. However, he tells Beth that Robbie CAN stay in his room – as he is going to find somewhere special where he and Eloise can be alone – “it’s gonna be totally cool”.

Jade and Kit talk about the impending school holidays, and Kit asks to borrow Beth’s necklace. Colleen enters, looking for Rhys’ help, but he is in Yabbie Creek. She tells Beth that she and Norman are to be chaperones at the school dance, looking which she is really looking forward to. Jade enquires about the way people dressed in the 50’s and the twins ask to borrow some of her old clothes. Max enters with a box, preparing to make a shrine somewhere for Eloise.

Alf and Leah read an article in the paper regarding Josh vanishing following an enquiry into his businesses, amused at how Josh is getting his comeuppance and joking that Josh will turn up at a beach in Majorca, looking for a job as a lifeguard!
Leah delivers Kane and Tasha’s order to their table, and Seb and Jade enter, with Seb telling Jade about kane’s earlier accusation that he wanted to get back with Kirsty. They discuss Kane, his short fuse, and his threats towards Rhys as Tasha listens in.

Sally is questioning the class as Max arrives, late. He asks ‘Eloise’ for an answer to a question, provoking laughter from the class, which Sally fails to stop – especially as Max continues to talk to thin air.

Alf, Leah and Noah talk about what Josh’s troubles could mean for the Drop in Centre – it would need to be sold to pay off his debts. Alf suggests that the Surf Club has some spare funds – and he’ll see what he can do.

Scott catches up wih Noah, who is still lamenting over the business with Hayley, and works out that Scott knows more than he’s letting on.

Noah catches up with Kit, infuriated at her interference between he and Hayley as it’s none of her business – just because they’re not together doesn;t mean that she can matchmake for him, but she is adamant that she thought she was doing the right thing. He rebuffs her offer of friendship.

Scott sticks up for Kit to Noah, but he is still angry about what Hayley may now think of him. Scott suggests that maybe Noah does still have feelings for her, refusing to accept Noah’s denial.

Kane and kirsty play pool as Seb, jade and Tasha enter – cold looks are exchanged between Seb and Kane. Tasha sticks up for Kane as Seb and Jade call him a loser, refusing to believe that Kane would hurt she or Irene – he’s her friend. But Jade and Seb are adamant that Kane can’t help it, and Dani didn’t think he would hurt her either. Jade and Seb then try and convince her that they weren’t trying to scare her – she just shouldn’t trust Kane.

Kane and Kirsty enter, and Leah informs Kane that Hayley won;t be around that evening, so she, Jesse and VJ will call around. Kane insists that he and tasha don’t need a babysitter – they’ll be fine. As they sit down, Kirsty suggests that she comes round – provoking a similar response from Kane – he feels that no one can trust him around a “pretty young girl”. Kirsty insists that that’s not the case, not wanting him to hate her. He assures her that that will never happen.

Kane and Tasha cook dinner, with him remarking that they can get along fine by themselves. However, Tasha is keeping her distance from him, freaking out as he comes near her. He wonders if she is being odd because of Irene, reassuring Tasha that irene will be fine, but as Kane puts a reassuring hand on her shoulder she pulls back, running upstairs – “I don’t want you hurting me!”. Kane is left stunned and wondering what he has done.

Later, as Kane sleeps, Tasha enters his room, raising a pillow above his face…

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