Scott proposes to Dani – but what will she say? Irene spirals further into depression after an awful discovery. An unexpected crisis for Leah tears her world apart.


Jesse faces going back to jail for a crime Nick committed. Dani finds the courage to confront Scott about their engagement. Leah is mortified over VJ’s test results.


Will Nick finally reveal the truth? Jesse declares his love for Leah, but how will she respond? Seb fears Dylan is coming back for Kirsty.


Kane returns to Summer Bay. Jesse fears Irene is in serious trouble. Flynn makes a huge break through with ‘Jane Doe’.


Kirsty is shocked and confused by Kane’s return. Dani’s world comes crashing down around her. Paris makes a shocking discovery about Irene.


Kirsty is torn by her feelings for Seb and Kane. Hayley and Alex make a life altering decision. Leah clings to new hope with VJ.


Kirsty makes a shocking declaration to Kane. Seb violently lashes out at his rival. Leah persists with VJ against all odds.


Jade is horrified when she discovers the truth about Nick. Will Irene give up the pills for good? Jesse is surprised by an offer he can’t refuse.


What is Kane’s secret? Jane speaks for the first time. Max devises a plan to help Colleen.


Will Irene come to Jane’s rescue? Leah’s dreams come true when opportunity knocks. Noah is excited by a new scheme for the DIC.


Max is devastated when he learns the truth about Eloise. It’s crunch time for Kirsty. Will she choose Seb or Kane?


Kane and Kirsty embark on a secret relationship and Alf offers the answer to Leah’s prayers.


Dani makes a shocking discovery about her lecturer. Noah refuses to save Kit from the law.


Dani confronts her lecturer about his inappropriate behaviour and Irene takes the mystery girl in, but is it more than she can deal with?


Jesse catches Kane red-handed. Kirsty shatters Seb with her lies.


Seb’s on a path of self-destruction, miserable without Kirsty. Will Alex live out his childhood dream?


Flynn is concerned at the seriousness of Nick’s condition. Dani is horrified to discover Kirsty is seeing Kane. Nick escapes out of hospital to attend his audition.


Nick risks his life, but blows his one big chance. Will Alf’s prophecy about Seb dying come true? Seb vows revenge on Kane.


Alex is torn between his dream and his responsibilities. Dani tries to cut a deal with Kane to leave town. Rhys is incensed to discover what Kirsty is up to. Kirsty lies to her father. Does Nick have epilepsy? Alf appeals to Jade for her help with Seb.


Will Beth move in with the Sutherlands permanently? Will Kirsty ever speak to Dani again? Alex lays down the law to Hayley. Fears mount for Seb’s eating problem.