Seb’s friendship with Chris takes a startling turn. Alf’s driving lessons end in a clash with the law. Who will be Alex and Noah’s new flat mate?


Seb feels terrible when Chris disappears. Sally and Flynn return to a wonderful surprise. Noah and Alex ask Scott to move in.


Nick learns an important lesson about intolerance. Mikey is shattered when Scott has to fire him. Colleen is gravely concerned to find a lump.


Colleen is devastated by her mammogram results. A mortified Nick is humiliated on national television. Jade and Kirsty tell Beth she’ll never replace their mum.


Flynn is alarmed by Colleen’s refusal to undergo treatment. Alf and Scott discover they’re doing business with criminals. Leah is tempted by a lucrative business deal. Nick struggles to come to terms with being on reality television.


Leah makes a controversial decision about her future. Nick is shocked when he falls victim to a set-up. Scott lays down the law to Alf over the Blaxland. Flynn feels the strain of being a doctor again.


Max pleads for Colleen to preserve her life. Nick humiliates Jade on national television. Jesse is devastated by Leah’s leaving plans.


Nick returns to school, humiliated. Jade announces she never wants to see Nick again. Alex declares his love for Hayley. Jesse is confident with his decision about Leah.


Colleen is devastated with the results of her tests. Rhys loses control with Nick. Max falls head over heels in love. How does Seb cope with Kirsty wanting more?


As she struggles to come to terms with Nick’s behaviour, Jade reaches a decision about her future. Rhys receives his divorce papers from Shelley, and Alex frets about what Leah’s reaction will be when she discovers he told their parents about her plans.


The Sutherlands are shattered when Jade decides to leave Summer Bay. Seb tells Nick he won’t do his dirty work and Rhys struggles to come to terms with his divorce.


Jade refuses to change her opinion of Nick, while Beth offers Rhys a shoulder to cry on when he hears that Shelley is going to remarry. Leah prepares to leave and Irene takes part in a campus radio show.


The Sutherland girls calmly accept Beth’s presence at breakfast, while Nick finally makes his peace with Jade, but only by promising to leave the Bay in her place. Nick has a violent confrontation with Paris – can Jesse help the troubled teen pull himself together?


Nick pours his heart out to Noah, while Irene is heartbroken to hear of his plans. Scott confuses Dani, and Leah gets bad news from the biscuit company – will she still sign on the dotted line?


Josh returns to Summer Bay with devastating consequences. Leah hits a stumbling block over the cookie deal. Dani’s heart wrenching dilemma with Scott continues. Is this the end for Irene and Paris?


Nick loses control after being kept apart from Jade. Josh becomes the arch enemy of Summer Bay. Did Noah really steal Josh’s car?


Irene is crushed by Paris’ momentous decision. Nick comes clean, but what does that mean for his future? Leah discovers a shocking truth about herself.


Colleen makes a decision which could have fatal consequences. Will Seb pursue contacting his deceased mother? Irene is fiercely and publicly humiliated.


Are all Hayley’s dreams about to be realised? A charter goes horribly wrong for Scott and Alf. Colleen is desperate for a way out.


Scott accuses Dani of playing games with their relationship. Noah makes a major breakthrough with Kit. Alf clashes with Scott as the boat thief is revealed. Jade is incensed when Nick demands she drop out of the play. Have Hayley and Alex made a great art discovery?