Irene and Paris give in to temptation – but will it last? Josh conquers his fear of the ocean. Jesse is frustrated that Alf may ruin his chances with Leah.

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Flynn tells Sally of his plans to change career. Josh comes up with a rescue package for the drop-in centre. Hayley’s painting is hailed a masterpiece.


Nick is dismissed from Summer Bay High. Dani tries enlisting Flynn’s help to uncover the truth about Dylan. Hayley has to break her true feelings to Josh.


Scott’s livelihood goes up in flames. Kirsty brings devastating news from Shelley. Max saves Colleen’s neck at the eleventh hour.


Hayley gets her wires crossed about Noah’s intentions. Scott fears Dani may be next on Angie’s revenge list. Josh feels his life in Summer Bay is beginning to crumble away.


Irene blows her date with Trevor. Alf quashes Seb’s plans for a motorcycle licence. Will Nick get the chance to finally clear his name?


Rhys discovers he is not Dylan’s father. Dani is fired. Will Jade’s scheme to incriminate Angie work?


Nick becomes the bait to entrap Angie. Kirsty chooses between Seb and Dylan. Dani meets Scott’s wife. A major art dealer takes interest in Hayley’s work.


A disgraced Angie is forced to leave the school. Jesse’s future hangs in the balance as he faces dismissal from the gym. Josh makes Rhys a tempting offer to save the caravan park.


Will Dylan stand by his mother, or remain with the Sutherlands? Nick’s ordeal with Angie is far from over. Dani is forced to reassess her feelings for Scott. Josh is worried that he no longer fits in with Summer Bay.

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Nick flies into a violent rage over Angie. Are Dani and Scott engaged? Alex loses his nerve with Hayley. Paris pleads with Irene for another chance.

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Noah loses a friend in Nick. Flynn is disturbed by Angie’s state of mind. Rhys is fined.

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Angie publicly humiliates Rhys. The fundraiser is a success, and a disaster. Rhys meets someone new. Jesse makes a chilling discovery.

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Colleen has a tearful reunion with a stranger in the bay. Max spurns Josh and his ruthless plans. Leah is disturbed to realise Jesse does not believe in God.


Murder in the Bay – the hunt for the killer begins. Leah stands by her man amidst accusations of his involvement. Colleen gets a second chance to know her daughter.


Will Nick reveal his awful secret? Josh accuses Jesse of lying to the police. Noah fears his worlds are colliding.

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The police trip Rhys up in his story. Concern mounts for Jesse’s involvement.

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Irene lies to the police. The net begins to close in on Nick. Colleen finds Flynn a replacement for the Drop-In Centre. Hayley revels in playing matchmaker for Alex.

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Josh’s mysterious behaviour catches him out. Rhys fears Dani may be involved in the murder. Noah meets Scott’s rebellious younger sister.

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The killer is revealed. Hayley threatens to quit the gym if Jesse is sacked. Dylan seriously considers leaving the bay.

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