Episode 3498

Australian Air Date: 30th April 2003

Corruption catches up with Josh, forcing him to flee Summer Bay. Alf asks Maureen out on a date. Flynn is frustrated by Sally’s attitude to marriage.

Final episode. Left the Bay following Noah’s threat to expose his involvement in the bribing of a local councilor.
Final episode.
Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3489. Dropped by Irene’s to have a chat about the whole drama surrounding Angie’s death.

Extended Summary

While Hayley and Alex talk on the beach, Hayley is confronted by Anna, who needs a favour. She asks Hayley to collect her things fro her from the palace, and take them to her place. Hayley is unsure what do, as things aren’t working out for her and Noah.

While Irene and Hayley treat themselves to a Face Treatment, which happens to be like a green face mask, they hear someone at the door. Irene discovers Trevor, and old friend from Uni, has come to visit. After talking to him
about Angie’s death, Trevor leaves.

Dani becomes suspicious when Josh hides the truth about the photo that she saw. She tries to convince him to talk about it, and let’s him know that the problem won’t go away unless he deals with it. Is Josh trying to hide something?

While Hayley is waiting for Alex to finish in the shower, she tells Noah about her conversation with Anna. Noah is not happy that she has gone to Hayley fro help. He realises that his relationship with Anna could really be over.

Noah tries to convince Josh to come clean about the secret he has. He is worried it may be information about Angie’s death.

Josh decides to flee the Bay, and head for the big smoke to live with his Mum, and take over his fathers business.
Dani and Scott take a walk along the wharf, talking about the moon and stars. They alsohave a talk about Dani’s relationship with Josh.

When Dylan and Rhys arrive home from the station, and max asks Dylan for a game of chess.Dylan tells hime he will play later on. Rhys lets Dylan know how proud of him he is.

Hayley asks Alex if he thinks that Noah still has feelings for her. When he asks her why she wants to know, she tells him that Anna is breaking up with hime because she thinks he is still in love with Hayley. Alex tells her that it could be true, that it would be hard not to be hung-up on a girl like her.

Noah is tempted to spill the beans to Jackie about Josh, but thinks twice about it, and decides not to.

Josh decides to tell Jackie the truth about his secret, and they make a deal with the Inspector at the station, about Angie’s blackmail on Josh.

Josh and Noah make a truce, when it comes time for Josh to leave the Bay.

Sally, Hayley and Flynn are shocked to see him leave.

Alf accidently drops a box on Alex’s foot, and it is badly hurt.

Josh and Jackie say their goodbyes to Dani.

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