Episode 3489

Australian Air Date: 17th April 2003

Angie publicly humiliates Rhys. The fundraiser is a success, and a disaster. Rhys meets someone new. Jesse makes a chilling discovery.

First appearance. Scott and Kit’s mother. Visited the Bay for the fundraising dance, winning the attentions of Rhys.
Stood Irene up, only to bring Irene and Paris closer together at the dance.

Extended Summary

Rhys almost runs Colleen over, while Colleen was on her way to see her long lost sister Muareen. Colleen gets are lifted to the diner with Rhys. Colleen has a chat with Muareen in the diner.

Jesse finds Angie’s body in her room at her place, Jesse calls the police.

Inspector Carter thinks that Jesse is involved with Angie’s death.

Dani convinces Dylan to stay with them and Dylan is not Quite sure what to do.

Jesse tells Inspector Carter to go something useful, by going to Dylan to tell him, that his mother is dead. Inspector Carter finds out that Angie has been collecting newspaper clippings of Rhys and Jesse is shocked about it.

Colleen interducers Mureen to Max. Inspector Carter breaks the news to Rhys about Angie’s death. Rhys goes straight down to the beach to tell Dylan about his mums death. Dylan doesn’t take it very well. The news about Angie’s death is now all around the Bay.

Rhys and Dylan get interviewed over Angie’s death and they are suspects for murder, who killed Angie Russell?

Leah is shocked by Alf thinking that Jesse was the one that killed Angie and tells Alf that it wasn’t Jesse, but is it?

The Sutherlands grieve over Angie’s death. Jade asks Questions about Angie’s death, could it be Jade?

Insector Carter tries to find some evidence on Angie’s death. Inspector Carter finds a pen under Angie’s lounge puts it in a bag to get finger printed to find the one that killed Angie.

Nick gets angry with Jade after Nick thinks that Jade thinks that he killed Angie, but Jade tries to tell Nick that she knows who killed her

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