Irene is shocked when Tasha reveals she knows Kane. Will the Sutherlands allow Kirsty to see Kane? Jade loses the thing she values most.


Dani disappears – is her life in danger? Alex asks Hayley to move to the city with him. Noah threatens to put Kane away once and for all.


Nick and Seb hold the key to force Kane to leave – will they use it? Kit struggles to be part of the Sutherland family. Jesse and Leah are closer than ever the night before she’s off to the US. How long can Noah keep his secret about Dani?


Kane threatens revenge on Nick and Seb. Leah is stuck at the airport without her ticket or passport. The police arrive to investigate Kane.


Kane loses everything he’s got in a puff of smoke. Nick is offered a movie deal overseas – will he take it? Alex leaves for the city to pursue his dream. Max’s book launch is a disaster.


Nick fears Seb is in grave danger. Will Nick’s charges stop him fulfilling his dream? Kane threatens Kit, leaving her shattered.


Paris gets some devastating news. Kit’s first day at school is a disaster. Will Kirsty heed her family’s warning and stay away from Kane? Sally fears Max is getting too close to Eloise.


Tasha tries to smother Nick during a seizure. Paris says a tearful goodbye to Irene and Summer Bay. Seb is seriously hurt at the gym, but was it deliberate?


Tasha assaults a teacher and flees. Nick goes to court – what will be his sentence? Colleen meets the man of her dreams. Will Beth agree to move in with Rhys?


Nick is overwhelmed by his teary farewell. Kane is stunned by a surprise visitor to the Bay. Dani is shocked to be reacquainted with Will. Tasha defends Kane when he finds her in the bush.


Tasha is unexpectedly kidnapped – how does she escape? Jade is one step closer to unmasking her secret admirer. Flynn’s life is threatened at the Surgery. Colleen refuses to continue with chemotherapy.


The Hunter’s farm is trashed and robbed. Is Seb Jade’s mystery admirer? Kirsty is furious that Kane is blamed for everything. Beth moves in with Rhys – how will she fit in?


Noah takes an urgent helpline call – Kit’s in trouble. Dani’s lecturer visits her at home. Is he being too friendly? Is Seb hiding his true feelings for Jade?


Flynn gives Kit an ultimatum – stop drinking or die. Jesse and Noah realise Dani is in serious trouble. Will Colleen give in and continue her treatment?


Kane and Kirsty take off with Dani and Scott in hot pursuit. Rhys and Beth worry for Dani’s mental state. Jade’s secret admirer strikes again. Dani is comforted by her lecturer, Ross.


A shock accident leaves a life hanging in the balance. Dani has an encounter with her lecturer leaving her distraught. Is Dani on the verge of a nervous breakdown?


Did Dani run Kane down on purpose? Dani is shocked that Ross has left his wife for her. Rhys struggles to support Dani, while consoling Kirsty.


Kirsty is convinced Dani wanted Kane to die. Irene offers Kit one final chance to redeem herself. Will Dani call the police, and who will they believe?


The hit and run investigation continues. Seb inadvertently makes things worse for Dani with the police. How will Max keep his promise, and make Eloise’s wishes come true? Jade and Noah worry Seb is in denial about his eating disorder.


Dani’s life is changed forever. Alf devises a plot to help Seb recover. Kane is caught lying to the police.