Alex makes Sally and Flynn’s dream come true. Max is shocked to learn of Tamara’s return – but what about Caitlin? Nick struggles to live with his school principal. Colleen is outraged by Kit’s behaviour.


Dani is furious when Rhys is forced to accept Kit into the family. Kirsty is mortified to find her father kissing Beth. Noah pressures Alex about revealing his feelings to Hayley.


Kit stretches Dani’s patience to the limit. Jade and Kirsty are frantic when Max runs away. Seb is disturbed that Alf is moving too fast with Maureen.


Anguish envelopes Scott when Kit is rushed to hospital. Jesse’s fears for Leah’s safety escalate. Alf is shaken when Maureen reveals her true feelings for him. Nick and Jade get a shot at TV stardom.


Jesse’s astonishing theory on the identity of Leah’s prowler shocks Irene. Alex bites the bullet and declares his love for Hayley. Alf’s dreams of love are shattered.


Jesse is convinced that Vinnie is alive. Colleen gets a pay out from Josh. Mikey thinks Flynn is not the man for Sally. Sally hunts for the perfect wedding dress.


Noah makes a break through with Kit. The art exhibition is a fiasco. A friendly kiss between Hayley and Alex turns passionate.


Jade blames Nick for blowing the audition. Hayley lays down the law to Alex. Does Leah want Jesse out of her life for good?


Noah takes one step closer to Kit. Will Flynn allow Sally to call the wedding off? Leah is convinced Vinnie is alive.


Someone shows up to see Leah – but is it Vinnie? Jade is furious when Nick looks set to become a TV star. Hayley helps Paris get through to Nick.


Leah finally deals with her grief. Flynn isn’t coping well with pre-wedding stress. Kirsty gets a huge bunch of flowers, but from whom?


Noah puts the pressure back on Kit. Kirsty is overwhelmed by Seb’s romantic gestures. Max is unexpectedly bedridden.


Kit leaves Summer Bay. Fisher can’t give Sally away, who will she ask? Paris and Nick are at loggerheads.


Scott gets Jacko back – but he’s not in good shape. Colleen is tired of being taken for granted. Alex is disheartened to realise Hayley may not be in love with him. Kirsty is nervous about taking things further with Seb. Rhys becomes the latest victim of the measles.


The buck’s and hen’s parties become dramatically entwined when Sophie goes into labour. Will Kirsty go through with it with Seb?


Flynn puts his life on the line to deliver Sophie’s baby. Pippa returns to Summer Bay. Who is the surprise wedding guest?


The wedding day finally arrives – but will Sally make it down the aisle?


Tears, drama and more than a few surprises – its Summer Bay’s wedding of the year!


One of Summer Bay’s favourites says goodbye. Will Nick discover Chris’ secret? Alex is desperate to sort things out with Hayley.


Scott is devastated by his best mate’s death. Hayley shocks Alex with some unexpected news. Max says goodbye to a close friend.