Episode 3625

Australian Air Date: 24th October 2003

Dani realises she may be going to gaol. Tasha continues to fall under Josh’s spell. Sally is devastated at the thought of losing her chance to be a mum.


> Tasha refers to a nosey Flynn as being just like ‘Joyce Larson’, a stranger from her past.

Extended Summary

Scott and Rhys discuss Dani, David and the trial as Beth consoles Dani.
Sally tells Flynn they have a viable embryo
Flynn and Sally tell Leah it’s down to her, but Leah doesn’t seem keen
Tasha tells Max and jade that she and Josh are moving to the city, and that they’ll be together forever


Seb comes out of the water and greets Jade, who wants to talk properly. Jade thinks he will gloat about Toby, but Seb says he wouldn’t – he knows what it’s like to be stabbed in the back. Jade apologises for how she treated him, wanting to go back to the way it was. He agrees to go and hang out with her.

Irene picks up a cake and goes to leave, asking Tasha to come with her, but Tasha wants to stay, and as Irene doesn’t want to leave Tasha alone Seb and Jade say that Tasha can sit with them.

Hayley arrives to see Alex, wondering what is ‘going on’ with Sally and Leah.

Sally and Flynn arrive back home, wondering why Leah was so awkward with them and why she was making up excuses – Sally is concerned that she may have changed her mind, but Flynn thinks she needs time. Flynn tells her that it’ll all be fine – “Trust me, I’m a doctor”.

Flynn talks to Alex about Leah, but Alex doesn’t know what’s up – Alex tells Flynn that he’ll keep him informed.
Alex goes into the kitchen, where Hayley encourages him to call Leah to check up on things despite Alex not wanting to apply pressure.

Josh arrives and Tasha leaves Seb and Jade. Flynn watches the, suspiciously and Jade voices concerns to Seb about Tasha wanting to move to the city. Seb states that you can;t help how you feel about someone.

Jade talks to Kirsty about Seb – how Toby was a total loser and Seb had been there the whole time. Jade thinks she has a chance with Seb, and asks Kirsty if it would bother her, but Kirsty thinks she should go for it – they’re perfect for one another. Kirsty thinks Jade should tell Seb how she feels, but Jade wants to be more subtle and just drop hints.
Rhys arrives, asking Jade to come to the house – David wants to talk to the family about the trial. He hastily invites Kirsty, but she says that Kane will be back soon.

Tasha tells Irene that she’s not a kid – and she can have Josh as a friend, but Irene tries to tell her that Josh is untrustworthy. Tasha is angry at Flynn for embarrassing her by forcing her home, and blurts out “you’re just like Joyce larson, a big stickybeak”. Tasha clams up when Flynn asks who Joyce is, and runs to her room, leaving Irene and Flynn puzzled, but determined to find out more about her past – every piece of information is valuable. Irene is also stressed about the Kit and the contempt charge, as well as trying to help Tasha – her uni will be suffering. Flynn suggests that now Tasha is improving, maybe other arrasngements could be made, but Irene rejects the idea as it’d be a step backwards, and Flynn reminds her that Tasha can’t stay with her forever anyway.

David talks to Shelley, Rhys, Dani and Jade, telling them he is hoping for a mainly male jury – although women could sympathise with Dani, they would also see why Dani would want him dead – whereas men would be less likely to accept that Dani is bearing a 2-year grudge, and would be more affected by Dani crying on the stand. Dani decides that she doesn’t want to go through her statement again and David tells her he’s only trying to prepare her. He then asks if she trusts him, and Dasni can’t answer. He tells her that trust is essential – the jury will pick up on it, and Rhys tells Dani to do as she says.

Sally still can’t get a proper answer out of Leah on the phone, worrying that they can’t wait much longer and wanting to go to talk to Leah. Flynn tells her they must prepare for the possibility of Leah changing her mind.

THE SANDS – exterior
David and Shelley eat breakfast, discussing a film they watched the previous night, as Morag arrives. Relations between she and Shelley are frosty, and Morag picks up on it, suggesting she leaves the bitternessbehind before she enters the courtroom. Shelley tells Morag all she wants is for Dani to get a fair trial – and Morag assures Shelley that she will… only she deals in law, not justice, and they’re different things.

Sally approaches Dani, asking after her. Dani thinks about where she was the previous year – finishing her HSC and preparing for uni, but now things are out of her control.

Seb tells Kirsty and Jade about how Nick’s doing in the states. Tasha, who is following them, decides that she feels ill and turns around in the direction of home.

Josh stops his car, greeting Tasha and opening the passenger door for her – “are you ready for the best day of your life?”


THE SANDS – Poolside
Josh and Tasha walk by the pool, and Morag catches up with them. Josh tells her hes back to testify in the trial, and she suggests he be in the defendants box – having heard of his dodgy dealings with councillors. She ignores Josh’s command for her to leave, making remarks about his ability to lie so easily and Tasha defends Josh, telling Morag to “shut up and go away!”. As Morag laughs her off as a “feral little schoolchild”, Tasha states that Josh is her friend – provoking Morag to bluntly point out that he isn’t worth the effort. Tasha pushes Morag backwards into the pool, where she emerges spluttering – “How dare you!”. Josh is stunned at Tasha’s reaction as onlookers laugh at Morag.

Tasha and Josh drive along, joking about Morag’s fall into the pool, and Josh warns her to becareful about Morag. She tells him that she has a right to defend herself, and her friends – Josh thanks her, and she in return thanks him for lunch. She kisses him on the cheek before leaving. Joah shakes his head as he watches her walk away through the wing mirror.

Tasha arrives back home, and Irene questions her about her day at school, and Tasha lies – until Irene reveals that she has been in touch with Morag. Irene again warns her about Josh, but Tasha is adamant that she can do what she wants. Irene forcefully tells her that for as long as Tasha is living under her roof, she lives by her rules. Irene tells her she’ll be leaving to live with Josh before going to her room, leaving Irene stunned.

Jade praises Seb’s photography skills. Kirsty and Kane enter – Kirsty is anxious but Kane tells her that if people can’t accett they love one another, it’s their own problem. Seb tells Jade it’s still odd seeing Kirsty and Kane together and Jade concurs. Seb goes to get his latest film to show Jade as Kirsty and Kane take a seat. Jade indicates for Kirstyto come over, and asks her to tell Seb how she feels, before leaving. Seb returns, looking for Jade, and Kirsty tells him that Jade likes him… REALLY likes him. Kirsty then returns to Kane, who is miffed about Kirsty leaving him sat there on his own.

KK Van
kane and Kirsty return home argueing, with Kane complaining about having to walk with a “stupid stick” because of Dani, but Kirsty tells him he can’t turn everything around on Dani. When he states that it was Dani’s fault, Kirsty retaliates by saying “What about what you did to her? That was heaps worse!”. She apologises immediately, denying his suggestion that she is ashamed of him – she’s ashamed of herself because she thinks it’s all her fault. Kane tries to reassure her by telling her that it was Dani’s fault – she is in the wrong, and the jury will find the truth. Kirsty leaves to go for a walk.

Jade approaches a seated Dani, who’s trying to clear her head. Jade reassures her that David knows what he’s doing. Kirsty arrives – “Great minds, huh?”. She sits when offered by Dani, and Dani tells her whatever happens, they’re still sisters. Dani asks them to look after “Dad and Max”, and to look after one another. She tells them that, despite the fights, she loves them, and she’ll never stop loving them. Jade and Kirsty try to tell her that she won’t be going down, but Dani tells them that they must be prepared.

Sally answers the phone to Leah, and after a short conversation she tells Flynn that Leah’s on her way over to talk about the baby

Dani comes up from the beach as Kane walks by. He tells her that he wouldn’t risk what he has with Kirsty to get his own back on her, but she says that if he really loves Kirsty, then he’d drop the charges and tell the police she did nothing wrong. kane says he can’t – she tried to kill him, and he’s got the injuries to prove it. She tells him that she has no injuries to prove the amount of damage he did to her and he says he can’t keep apologising – but she’s not asking him to. She tells him that she’s not going to let him win, and Kane says they’ll both do what they have to do – “I’ll see you in court”