Episode 3453

Australian Air Date: 26th February 2003

Irene buckles with worry for Nick. Flynn and Sally are ecstatic at Sophie’s arrival in the Bay. Who has paid Rhys’ bills?

Return episode, last seen in Episode #3418. Returned to the Bay with Tamara visit Sally.
Return episode, last seen in Episode #1152. Visited the Bay with her mother. Fell for Max.
One-off return, last seen in Episode #3358. Was visited in Queensland by a desperate Nick following Angie’s assault claim.
Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3215. Was being looked after by Will when Nick visited.
Offered a hitching Nick a lift.

Extended Summary

Irene tells Jesse that Nick has done a runner, Jesse goes out looking for him. Irene goes to see Jade at her place to find out if she knows anything about where Nick is.

Nick hitchhicks out of Summer Bay to get away. Hayley rings Will to find out if Nick has rang Will. Will tells Hayley that he is coming to the Bay, but Hayley tells him to stay, just incase Nick turns up at his place.

Jesse tells Irene that a guy driving are truck with are two in it had picked up a boy on the road and Hayley and Irene thinks it is Nick, but are they right?

Jade goes over to Irene’s to have a talk to Irene about what her and Nick did last night and Jade gets upset to Irene and Irene supports her.

Josh tells Flynn that Alf has gone weird now then before the operation.

Flynn goes to see Alf to see how he is going. Alf tells Flynn what happened on the operating table, that he saw the future in Summer Bay without him and that seb was involved in a motorbike accient and he died. Flynn tells Alf that he will keep an eye on Seb when he is away in whitsundays.

Dani trys to convince Scott to stay for lunch. Hayley thinks that Nick is a Jerk for doing it with Jade then runs off like that. Rhys thinks that nick has ran off, because he is guilty and Jade gets upset about it.

Irene gives it one more night to find Nick before bringing the police into it.

Rhys trys to find out, who has been paying his bills and Rhys asks Colleen, but Colleen tells Rhys that she has nothing to do with it, who could it be?

Sophie arrives back to the Bay with her daughter Tamara. Nick arrives at Will’s place and Nick tells Will about what has happened at school and Will supports Nick. Flynn gets to meet Sophie’s daughter Tamara and Tamara, but Tamara doesn’t sound happy that her”Mum” is having another baby.

Nick rings Irene to tell her that he is ok and that he is at Will’s place and that he is staying at Will’s for a while. Irene trys to convince Nick to come home. Irene breaks down.

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