Episode 3454

Australian Air Date: 27th February 2003

Sally is excited about her little miracle… but she didn’t expect more than one! Max comes clean about the book – with dire consequences. Fisher passes the reins of duty to Seb, as plans for his farewell proceed.

Informed Sally and Sophie of their impending baby twins.
Made a fool of himself whilst trying to flirt with Tamara.

Extended Summary

Kirsty thinks that Seb’s decision not to go to the Whitsundays with Donald is because of her. She tries to convince hime to go.

Sophie introduces Tamara to Alf, and Sophie discusses her pregnancy with Alf and Sally at the diner. Sophie enrols amara at Summer Bay High, and catches the eye of one of the boys at the lockers. He embarasses himself by banging his head on the locker. She smiles and nods at him.

Mr. Fisher tells Kirsty that she can do a course at night, so that she can spend time with the rest of her Year 11 class. She is thrilled, and gets carried away and kisses him on the cheek.

Sally needs Sophie to understand just how important she is, in carrying her and Flynn’s baby, and how much it means to them both.

Alf warns Seb to take care while with Donald at the Whitsunday’s, and to stay between the flags while swimming.

Sophie takes Tamara to the Sutherlands, to show her where she grew up, and so she can get to know the Sutherlands.

Rhys confronts Max as to who paid the bills, and Max denies it was him. Rhys doesn’t belive him, and wonders where the money has come from.

Alf freaks out when he sees Seb on Noah’s bike, and Alf tries to convince Flynn to get him off it.

Max gets angry when he hears Colleen may get sued over the book. Rhys is very upset with Max for continually getting into trouble.

Sally accompanies Sophie for her Ultrasound, and they discover that Sophie is having twins. They are both over the moon with the news.

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