Episode 3455

Australian Air Date: 28th February 2003

Summer Bay bids an emotional farewell to one of its most cherished citizens, as Donald Fisher says goodbye.

Final episode.
One-off return appearance, last seen in Episode #3378. Surprised Donald at his farewell to take him back with her to the Whitsundays.
Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3452. Attended Fisher’s farewell.
Student who attended Fisher’s farewell.

Extended Summary

Sally, Flynn and Sophie are excited at the propspect of having twins.

Mr. Fisher finds Kirsty and Seb behind the curtains in the school hall. Seb cooks Alf and Donald some dinner, but Donald has lost his appetite, and decides to go for a walk. While on his walk, Donald bumps into Angie. He brings up the subject of her assault, and asks her if it really occurred.

She doesn’t admit or deny it, and tells him he will find out from someone else anyway.

Irene tells ngie that Nick has run away because of her, and that if she doesn’t leave him alone, she will kill her herself.

Donald walk in on a set-up, when he is told by Irene taht Sally needs help with her class. When he gets to the classroom, and starts yelling at the students for misbehaving, he realises they have put on a farewell party for
him before he leaves the Bay.

Sally makes a speech for Mr. Fisher, and thanks him for his wonderful work over the years at Summer Bay High.
Hayley speaks about the success of the book “The Crest of a Wave”, which Donald wrote, and she illustrated. Irene has a tearful speech about his good work, and the respect he has gained from everyone. Donald’s mind goes back
to the wonderful memories he has of the Bay. Seb talks about how proud he is that Donald is his grandfather. June arrives at the school, and surprises Donald, by walking on stage, and gives him a kiss and cuddle. Angie tries to hallenge Sally for the Principals position. Mr. ishes makes his Thank You speech, and Sally sheds a few tears. Once again, Donald lapses into his memories of when he first met Sally.