Episode 3456

Australian Air Date: 3rd March 2003

Max could face criminal charges. The Sutherland’s future is thrown into jeopardy. Colleen faces a terrible fate.

Extended Summary

Kirsty and Jade talks about what it is going to be like without Flathead at school. Kirsty goes around to Irene’s to see Seb about how Mr. Fisher went this morning when he left the Bay.

Rhys is shocked to find out from Max how much Max has gotten colleen in trouble. Kirsty asks Rhys that she really wants to do the night course so she doesn’t want to waste a year of school and to be with her friends and Rhys tells Kirsty that he will do what he can for her to attend the classes.

Kirsty asks Rhys to talk to Shelley and Rhys tells Kirsty that he will try.

Max tells Tamara that he has written the book and Tamara doesn’t believe him and walks away. Max is not happy.

Kirsty and Seb goes over to Irene’s to ask her if it is ok for them to borrow are camera and Irene lets them borrow Hayley’s camera.

Irene gives Rhys some advise on how Rhys should handle his money.

Tamara finds out that Max really wrote the book. Kirsty and Seb talks about the photo competition they went in, if they want to go ahead with it.

Colleen has a run-in with Alex in the kitchen at the diner. Colleen tells Max that her life is ruined because he was the one that written the book, not her.

Kirsty, Jade and Rhys has dinner at Irene’s and Rhys tells Kirsty and Jade the truth about the money and the cheaques that Shelley sent. Kirsty and Jade has different thoughts about Rhys not telling them about the money that Shelley sent.
Rhys tells Irene that he should of told them in the first place. Jade goes into Nick’s room and her moblie rings and it is Nick and Jade tells Nick that she is in his room.

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