Episode 3457

Australian Air Date: 4th March 2003

Dani is faced with an awful duty. Dylan makes a decision about who he is. Will Sally cope as principal?

Agreed to supply tofu products to the kiosk.
Senior journalist at the Coastal News newspaper in Yabbie Creek. Employed Dani only to send her on an assignment to investigate the “Maxine Peterson” scandal.

Extended Summary

Sally and Sophie tells Leah the good news about having twins. Sally offers Sophie a job at the school in the office and Sophie is happy about it.

Angie is trying hard to get Dylan to believe her about her assault from Nick and it always backfires in her face. Angie still has Rhys on her side all the way.

Sophie rushes off to the toilet from morning sickness and Sally goes with her to see if she is alright. Flynn has a chat with Tamara about her feelings towards her mum having twins and giving them away. Max turns up on the beach, while Tamara and Flynn were talking.

Dani and the twins realise that their family are having money troubles more then they expected by Rhys trying to sell the family car.

Rhys tells Dylan that he is thinking that they should move in has a family and Dylan totally disagrees on that idea and tells Rhys that Angie will neither change that he should get used to it.

Kirsty, Jade and Dani disagrees on Angie moving in and Jade tells Dylan that if Angie ever moves in, then she is moving out. Dani finds out that Nick has been calling Jade everyday and Dani tells Jade that she has to call Irene to tell her.

Sophie has a talk to Tamara about how she is feeling about her having twins and they come to are understanding about it.

Dani tells Rhys that she has repiled for a job and that the our family are going to help around the house for now on and Rhys is happy.

Dani has an interview for the job has a jernistist and she gets the job.

Dylan asks Rhys if he can move in with him and the girls and Rhys tells Dylan that he has to run it by the rest of the family first. Kirsty walks into the surf club and she tells Rhys that it would be good if Dylan moved in and Rhys ok it.

Dani’s boss gives her the first task for her to do and it comes to a shock to her, Dani’s boss wants her to interview a lady called Maxcine Peterson about the book that she written and got sued for and to get the whole story and he wants it to be done. Dani is scared.

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