Episode 3445

Australian Air Date: 14th February 2003

Alf has a harrowing premonition of the future, as he teeters on the edge of the after-life.

Final episode.

Appearance used by Alf in his hallucinations during his near-death experience. Appears again later on in Episode #3520 as a Land Council Inspector….

Extended Summary

The operation is not looking good for Alf, will Alf die? Ailsa and Alf talk about life after death, and Alf sees the future at Summer Bay without him.

He sees that the diner has closed down, Leah and VJ moved to the city, Jesse is in jail for murder, Hayley and Josh are married with two kids and Hayley isn’t happy with Josh.

Alf thinks that Hayley and Josh are not meant to be together. Alf sees what he will come back as in the future. Alf discovers that Hayley and Josh’s kids names are Danielle and Brodie.

Hayley talks to a man in the diner, but doesn’t know it’s Alf. Alf finds out that Sally and Flynn lose the baby in the future and Alf is shocked.

Alf sees two boys at are building block spray painting on the walls and he tells them to stop it and go away. He forgets that no-one can hear him. Alf bumps into Noah in the Bay and finds out that he has gone back to drinking again and living with Irene.

Alf goes to see Donald at home and Donald finds a man in his house and he doesn’t know that it is Alf, Donald tells him to get out or he will call the police. Alf tells Donald that it’s me Donald, Alf and Donald finds out it’s really him.
Alf tells Donald to start his job again and start to get Summer Bay back to the way it used to be, Alf finds out in the future that Seb has died after Donald tells him.

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